The Nordic style in interior decoration

The Nordic is a easily recognizable style that in recent years has become a trend, both in the general decoration of the home, and in that intended for specific rooms, such as bathrooms, where the comfort and the absence of excessive furniture that hinder mobility, it is always a success.

It is inspired by the environment and details that are not lacking in traditional homes in Scandinavian countries, where we know that the natural light it is scarce for many months of the year and where it is necessary to have warm materials, which counteract the low temperatures.

How to decorate a room in Nordic style: the keys

Probably the success of this way of personalizing a home lies in the different and varied finishing options offered. The Nordic style starts from very basic premises but admits “touches” so that it is not monotonous and identical every time. That is, you can decorate in this style but giving it a rustic, ultra modern, industrial finish …

Scandinavian style decor

To start creating your own design, the first thing you should be clear about is that your Scandinavian model should be based on some shades and in about materials perfectly defined. The White, the color that best collects and reflects natural light, is the protagonist and should predominate on walls, furniture and even floors. Of course, it can be combined, either with some bright color (or even black) to create a nice and modern contrast, or with neutral tones, that achieve soft nuances and differentiate spaces: gray, beige, nude, green mint… We must insist that color is never the central point of Nordic decoration. It is only used (in its proper measure), precisely to further highlight the beauty and harmony of the predominance of white.

Wood is the other staple of this cheerful and cozy style. Provides warmth and comfort and it is mainly present in soft tones: beech, birch, untreated pine wood … in floors, in furniture, in the form of a decorative beam or covering areas of the wall itself, it achieves the objective of achieving rooms in which it gives nice to be

The strategically placed lights they are essential in Nordic decoration. Any source of natural lighting: small windows, large windows, skylights … is a treasure and is left uncovered so that the light enters without nuances. If you need to cover some, a light curtain, in cotton or linen, is more than enough and, of course, you already know in what color. Also, dark corners are “forbidden.” Spotlights, small or floor lamps are essential to avoid them.

Regarding the furniture and decorative accessories, this style is above all pretty and functional. If you like ornate spaces, the Nordic design is not the most appropriate. Furniture, the right ones, with straight lines and a light finish, without taking up too much space. Practicality is the norm so that any Nordic room has everything you need without being overwhelming at any time