The most innovative glass cleaning devices

Well-clean windows, free of dust, pollution particles or marks on the glass caused by water, is something that significantly improves the appearance of any home and that we all appreciate, but keeping the windows impeccable is a job, not always simple, whose results are usually short-lived.

Specially in rooms with large windows or that have windows that are difficult to access, the task is complicated and for an elderly person it can be a great effort. Making sudden movements or that end in bad posture to try to reach each of the corners of a window, can cause muscle jerks or aggravate any joint ailment. To this reality, we must add the danger that climbing a ladder or unstable surface may imply to reach the “happy” glass, something that implies a risk of falling that must always be avoided.

Now you can find gadgets that really make the job easierFrom small portable vacuum cleaners, which clean and dry almost immediately, to innovative robots that work almost completely autonomously. Some of them, perhaps, could come in handy for you.

glass cleaning device

Small “inventions” of the most practical. Which to choose?

If you want to leave behind the traditional method of cleaning glass surfaces, that is to say, vaporizer with product to use + cloth, and opt for an appliance that save time and effort, before deciding on one you must assess the pros and cons of each one of it and choose the one that you really need. Think about the number, size and arrangement of the windows in your house, to be clear about which of these modern appliances is the most suitable for your needs. In general, these small appliances can be divided into three large groups:

Electric window cleaners (vacuum cleaners)

They are the most basic, but they are very effective and, perhaps, they are just what you need. In fact, they are a much more comfortable and advanced version of the classic instrument used (throughout life) to clean the glass, which incorporates a sponge with which to apply soap and water and a rubber strip to remove it. Electric window cleaners do the same thing, but in a faster and with better results. They work with batteries and generally have a tank for clean water and another for collecting that which has been suctioned as the glass remains clean and dry.

vacuum cleaner glass cleaner

You have many models of this type and when purchasing one you should look at an important detail such as:

  • His weight. It should be manageable so as not to end up with the same sore arms (or more) than if you had done the work manually.
  • The autonomy of the drums. It is important that it lasts long enough so that you do not have to recharge in the middle of the cleaning.
  • The power. The suction capacity and the perfect drying that leaves the crystals impeccable depends on it.
  • Accessories. For example, if you need to clean tall windows, you will need an extension element in which the vacuum cleaner fits perfectly, allowing you to reach the highest areas without effort.
glass cleaning appliances

Hand steamers

Steam is really an element effective and hygienic when cleaning the house. You have equipment of this type that allows multiple functions, but if you are looking for one for small jobs, such as polishing the tiles or leaving your windows impeccable, there are “handheld” models, light and effective, specially designed for these tasks. They are especially practical for reaching hard-to-reach nooks or corners. They work the same as the larger and larger steamers. You just have to add the water and select the power for the steam output, which will exert its cleaning and disinfecting function wherever you apply it.

You must bear in mind that these devices are designed for glass surfaces to which you have easy access. If you want to leave your perfect glass with steam, but you have windows that are difficult to reach due to their dimensions or location in height, you will need a specific accessory, with which most models of “broom” (vertical) or “sled” (with wheels) steamers have. In these cases, a “handheld” would not be the most advisable.

robot glass cleaning appliances

Window cleaning robots

They are a third and excellent option although, for now, these innovative devices have a high price. Window cleaning robots are very easy to use. You practically only need to put it into operation and place it on the surface you want to clean. They can pass, removing dirt from a window glass, both inside the house and outside, as they move forward remaining, at all times, adhered to the surface. The advanced technology of some models allows you to program them, so that they clean in the direction you want, or that it is even possible to modify their movements or their speed, on the fly, by means of a remote control.

Some of these robots also work on other surfaces resulting, therefore, more versatile and usable. As with any other product, there are quality details that differentiate some models from others: the level of autonomy of its battery, the ability to detect the edges of windows or possible obstacles in its path, speed, noise level …

Technology applied to better maintenance of the home that offers different options so that clean the windows of the house make it a much easier task, especially for older people.

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