The most effective homemade mosquito repellants

Summer brings the heat and with it, mosquitoes and other insects. Its annoying bites and overwhelming buzzing can get to annoy any time we spend at home or even fall asleep. So that the situation of having to be locked up at home does not arise, without opening windows to prevent them from entering, there are multiple home remedies beyond the classic mosquito nets or repellents that are for sale (of which some, its effectiveness is in question).

Lemon and cloves

We start with one of the most widely used remedies in many homes for its effectiveness. It consists of cplace half a lemon with some pricked cloves in that space or room where we don’t want to see any mosquitoes. Simple and useful.

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Essential oils

In many houses the essential oils as air fresheners and some of them are also very effective against mosquitoes like eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, citronella, or rosemary. You just have to soak a few cotton balls with one of these oils and place them in a pot to keep mosquitoes away.


Another widely used remedy to combat mosquitoes are scented candles, especially citronella because it is one of the best natural mosquito repellants. The use of candles is ideal for dinners on the terrace, for example, because they keep mosquitoes away and also give a decorative touch to the table.

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A little known anti-mosquito solution is use chamomile as a repellent. To prepare it, we boil 200 grams of chamomile in a liter of water for about 30 minutes. When it has cooled down, you just have to rub your body with the mixture and goodbye mosquitoes.

Aromatic herbs

Some aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary, bay leaf or mint They are a very effective remedy as a mosquito repellent so it is highly recommended to have pots with these plants at home. In addition, they are a very good way to always have them on hand and fresh when cooking.
There are other plants that also work to keep mosquitoes away from our home such as geraniums, petunias or lavender. A good reason when choosing the plants to have at home.

And also

  • Insects are attracted to heat sources and incandescent bulbs but this is not the case with LED lights so they are a point in favor of this type of lighting.
  • Another practical option are the fans that, in addition to cooling the environment, keep mosquitoes away since with the air currents they create, they hinder their flight.
  • Insects take advantage of stagnant water in any container such as buckets, pot plates, etc. to lay their eggs so Better to be careful not to leave any container inside or outside the house where there is stagnant water.