The keys to reforming your beach apartment

If you are lucky enough to have a second home, which allows you to make a getaway or enjoy a beach vacation, but it needs a good reform, you are very lucky, although you also have an “interesting” situation to attend to.

The first thing you should inform yourself about is the possibility of carrying out rehabilitation works during the summer months. Even if you have more free time to personally order of all the procedures, check that the municipality where the house is located allows renovations in summer. There are many localities where they are forbidden, because the rest of the rest of the people who enjoy the sun, the sea and relaxation prevails over your interest in fixing the house. Under this premise, what other aspects should you take into account?

beach apartment reform

Keys to make a comprehensive reform of an apartment on the beach

Having clarified this first point, which can avoid you more than one displeasure on the part of the neighbors, it is time to focus on the basic steps to get that apartment meet the conditions to make it pleasant for you by adapting to your needs.

  • Facilities and supplies. Especially if it is the reform of an old house (more than 50 years old), it will surely be necessary a thorough review that may involve the renewal of the electrical installation (wiring, plugs and switches) and the pipes and keys of passage for the water. This is probably one of the most expensive chapters of any reform, but it is worth it, because it will directly affect your comfort.
  • Enclosures. Windows and possible doors that give access to terraces and balconies usually require an overhaul or, directly, be replaced by other more modern structures. Keep in mind that the efficiency of the renovated home, which will be reflected in a future energy certificate, depends largely on the measures you take for its renovation.
  • Bathrooms and toilets. You have a thousand decorative proposals, but it is time to think about your needs. In the reform, make your safety prevail and take advantage of it to make the bathrooms in your house as beautiful as they are functional. Shower tray instead of bathtub, grab bars, suspended sinks that are more comfortable for you… It is time to integrate any element that can provide more accessibility and safety in the bathroom for an elderly person.
  • Eliminate barriers. Remove any item that hinders your mobility. For example, if you have a living room that opens onto a nice terrace, choose to level the floors in both rooms, eliminating obstacles. Replace steps with ramps and if you have a long corridor, feel free to put a support bar if you need it.
  • Decor. Nothing to say, because it all depends on personal preferences. However, as a general maxim, in a summer apartment near the beach, the ideal is to look for spaciousness and light, so simplicity is a safe bet.