The infallible trick to clean a burned glass ceramic

Vitroceramic hobs (or induction, since their appearance is very similar) have been gaining positions over recent years compared to traditional gas cookers. The aesthetics of the glass plate compared to gas burners has played in its favor, but another important aspect that has favored its being the option chosen to install is its easy maintenance. However, The fact that it is easy to maintain does not mean that its cleaning has to be neglected or that it can be done in any way because then, in less time than we think, we will have a dull, burned, scratched or even malfunctioning plate. In addition, it can also happen that, due to carelessness or malfunction, we get burned, leaving food remains literally stuck to the glass. So, whether it’s due to poor maintenance or a culinary accident, It will be necessary to act and apply the following infallible home remedy to recover the plaque and make it look like new again.

Recover a burned plate with vinegar and baking soda

Recovering a burned glass ceramic is that simple

There are specific products to recover burnt glass-ceramics, but if we prefer a homemade and natural option, we will use the perfect tandem of vinegar and bicarbonate. The procedure is the next: Mix two tablespoons of bicarbonate with 10 cl of water until a paste is formed that we must apply on the burned part. Once done, add a few drops of vinegar and let it act for 5 minutes. Then we remove with a sponge and dry well. This remedy should only be used when the plate is burned, it is not suitable for daily cleaning.

Remove scratches with toothpaste

Recovering a burned glass ceramic is that simple

If the problem we have with our glass ceramic hob is that it has been scratched, then we must use the toothpaste since its bicarbonate content will help us to polish the vitro. We just have to rub the damaged surface with toothpaste and a soft sponge, rinse and dry. And, even if we do not have scratches, this remedy will also be useful to restore the brightness of the glass ceramic.

And for daily maintenance

Recovering a burned glass ceramic is that simple

As we mentioned at the beginning, the daily cleaning work is key to a good maintenance of the glass ceramic hob but we must take into account a series of tips to be successful in our goal:

  • Clean the plate when it has cooled down because if we do it while it is still hot, it may become even dirtier or even scratch it.
  • Never use non-specific detergents for cleaning this type of electrical appliance. For example, dishwashing soaps can deteriorate and dull your hob. And of course, never use scourers or abrasive materials.
  • Once we have cleaned it, We must dry the entire surface well with kitchen paper.
  • And finally, do not allow stains to dry out and wait too long before cleaning. Always after cooking (and once it has cooled down) we must leave the plate perfectly clean and without any residue.