The infallible and simple trick to clean tile joints

The space that remains between the tiles is usually filled with cement, plaster or some other rough material so its cleaning is not easy, unlike the surface of most ceramic floors or walls. In addition, the products we use to clean the tiles are usually not as effective for the joints and, in fact, we end up accumulating the dirt that we drag from the tiles towards them.

In this sense, Dirt of all kinds usually accumulates in the joints of the tiles: grease, stains, mold and a lot of dust. And, if we do nothing, these joints will turn black and it is more difficult to attack the dirt. The solution that we will see today is very practical and simple and, in addition to cleaning the joints of the tiles, it will also serve as protection so that they do not get dirty again and last longer clean. And we will only need one candle!

The infallible and simple trick to clean tile joints

We will use your wax to remove the dirt accumulated in the joints and get a waterproof layer That will make it cost more to deposit dirt on them and, therefore, we will enjoy more time without turning black.

To apply this trick when cleaning the joints, we will proceed as follows:

  • We will need a white candle (or more than one depending on the surface to be cleaned) and we will remove the wick to make it easier to use the tip of the candle to insert it into the joints. It will also help us to cut the wick
  • Then, we will pass the tip of the candle through each joint, repeatedly until dirt sticks to it and the gasket returns to its original color.
  • As we go over the candle for the joints, We will have to remove the dirt from the candle either by cutting it or by refining the tip.
  • Once there is no dirt left in the joints, we will pass the sail again to form a waterproofing layer. And we will have new meetings.

And if we have a mold problem

The infallible and simple trick to clean tile joints

There are times when tile joints, beyond dirt, accumulate mold, mainly in bathrooms due to constant humidity or lack of ventilation. In this case, it is advisable to clean the joints using hydrogen peroxide. For it, We will apply pure hydrogen peroxide with a brush on the joints and joints of the tiles; Let it act for a few minutes for the hydrogen peroxide to take effect, and we will end up rinsing with warm water to remove any residue.