The fines in Spain for abandoning and mistreating animals

It is not only a despicable and inhuman gesture. For a long time, in our country it has been very expensive to abandon or mistreat animals, since they already exist laws regulating animal protection in these cases. However, there is still a lot to do, as most of the regulation remains in the hands of the regional administrations.

How is animal abuse punished?

Looking in our jurisprudence, we find in the Penal Code any reference in article 337. Paragraphs where the cases in which the Animal abuse in Spain is considered a crime with prison sentences, special disqualification or exercise of a profession in contact with animals. For this, it must be demonstrated that this violence has been exercised using dangerous objects, causing the mutilation of the animal, if it has taken place in the presence of a minor or with cruelty.

Different fines depending on the place of residence

On the other hand, the administrative sanctions for abandonment, or for not treating the animal properly, are different in each autonomous community. Of course, what they coincide in is in regulate the protection and rights of animals, a way to avoid all those behaviors that undermine their integrity.

For example, if we talk about abandonment, we have the few 150 euros fine in Castilla La Mancha, 300 euros in the Balearic Islands (if not repeated) and Extremadura, and 600 euros in Aragon. These are the lowest financial penalties. On the contrary, in communities such as Asturias, Andalusia and Catalonia they are firmer in this regard, since the fines imposed for getting rid of our pet are found in the 90,000, 30,000 and 20,000 euros, respectively.

Ceuta is the only city that does not have a typified no kind of punishment economical in this regard. It only performs functions of transferring abandoned animals to reception centers.

“Let the injured witness pass”

These were the words of a judge in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, making Milagros enter the courtroom to testify as a victim. However, Milagros is not a woman, she is a bitch which its owner mistreated almost to death and then left it in a suitcase next to the garbage.

What this dog does not know is that she has set precedents by becoming the first animal to testify in court. An act “to raise awareness”In the words of the judge herself, and one more step in the fight against abuse and neglect of our animals, we add.