The easiest way to clean your blinds without disassembling them

Cleaning blinds can be tedious, and depending on your location, it may even be difficult to do, but It is important to pay attention to them from time to time so that the dust they accumulate is not a source of allergies and, in addition, they are kept in perfect condition for much longer. Next, we review a series of tips to make this task more bearable:

Be constant

The blinds get dirty very quickly so we must be constant with their cleaning so that they do not accumulate a lot of dirt and cleaning them does not take us a long time. Better to spend some time every two weeks than having to waste a lot of time and strength if we do it more and more.

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Get off to a good start

The first step when cleaning the blinds is to close them and shake off any embedded dust with the help of a soft brush. The vacuum cleaner (either at home or a handheld) can be very useful. to vacuum and get rid of dust. We must use the brush attachment and vacuum through the slats, not up and down.

And for the outside, a duster can also be useful to eliminate dust since we prevent dirt from remaining in our house. It is important to do this small gesture always before applying any cleaning product or liquid soap and water.

A product for each type of blind

The material of our blinds is important when choosing the product or how to clean them. In this way, for wooden shutters There are suitable products such as waxes or oils, or even a special product for parquet can be useful. In addition, it is not advisable to use water because wood tends to deteriorate easily with humidity.

If our blinds are pvc or plasticIt is only necessary to clean them with a mixture of soap and water. These ingredients allow dirt to be removed and disinfected. White vinegar or baking soda with water are also good options for cleaning this type of blind.

For the metal blinds, probably the easiest to clean, we only need a clean cotton cloth dampened and alcohol. If we do not want to use alcohol, white vinegar with lemon will also serve us.

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Without forgetting the straps

It is important that we also pay attention when cleaning the blind straps because they are easy to miss and they also accumulate dust and dirt. We just have to moisten a cloth with soapy detergent and rub the straps gently.