The easiest binding techniques to do at home

In case you like crafts, bookbinding is a nice way to hang out. It allows you to obtain original notebooks or manuals collected if, for example, we had them on the computer and we have printed them to have them physically. Also if we have written something personal or done a thesis and we want to save it in this way. Doing it at home allows you to save, in addition to choose the technique that you like the most. What methods can you use?


A classic of bookbinding are staples. It is a simple method, but it is useful for books with a few pages. The key is to place them in the center crease and vertically. You have to use a gun stapler or those that can be opened. So that they do not get stuck in the table, we can place a rubber underneath, then we turn it over, remove it and close the protruding ends of the staple inward. with a hard object, such as a screwdriver or scissors.


The thread is more laborious, but if we have the time and patience, it is also a cheap method to create our own booklets. We only need a needle and a thick thread. This runs through the central fold, but before sewing it we have to make the holes all through it with an awl, a thick needle or the like. Then we will sew it by inserting the thread with the needle through these holes. We can close the beginning or end with a knot or leave them loose, as we like.

Where to learn bookbinding techniques in Madrid


Binding in a spiral or loop is also another inexpensive and simple way to have our jobs. In this case, we must get more materials. We must first buy a hole punch to make the holes in the spine. Next, we must choose the spiral that we like the most and that adapts to the size of the holes. They are made of different materials, made of metal and plastic mainly. Then, with the hole punch, we will have to make the holes, taking the amount of sheets that allows us to insert at the same time. If we have chosen a sheet for the front and back cover, we will also have to perforate them. We only have incorporate the canutillo with circular movements.


Fasteners allow unique creations. You will only have to make two holes respecting the distance between one and the other according to the measurement of the fastener. After perforating the sheets that you want to insert in this way, you must place them inside it. You may play with the covers and make them somewhat larger and of another material or color different from that of the leaves. You can do this same process with special screws for bookbinding.