The definitive trick to know when a pineapple is at its peak

Pineapple is one of the Christmas foods par excellence, in addition to being a winter fruit with a multitude of digestive properties, it fits perfectly in many dishes, both sweet and savory, that will surprise your guests.

Most of the pineapples that we consume in our country come from Central America. They have an average of 25 days from when they are collected until we see them at the points of sale. And once there, how do we know when it is ready to eat it?

Since it is a fruit that continues to soften once harvestedIt is important to analyze it to know if it is little or very mature, or ideally, at its point.

The best trick to choosing a ripe pineapple is to pull one of its central leaves. If it comes off easily, you will be fine. In addition, the rest of the leaves should be green.

How can I tell when a pineapple is ripe?  Photo: bigstock

Another option to know if it is ready is through its smell. It should be noted a mild pineapple smell and be sweet. If it does not smell, it will not be ripe yet and if it smells too strong or fermented, it is gone.

The pineapple should weigh. That will be another of the features that we will have to look at when buying it.

Regarding color, the more yellow the more mature it will be.

When picking a pineapple it should be consistent and it should not sink when squeezed with the fingers since, in that case, it would be soggy. Likewise, if you sweat or expel a slight liquid from the base, it means that that pineapple is too ripe and, therefore, we should not buy it.

To cut it easily, it is best to use the serrated bread knife. And, once opened, we must keep it in the fridge with aluminum foil. It is advisable to consume it as soon as possible since its juiciness disappears quickly.

Facilitates digestion

Pineapples contain an enzyme (bromeliad) that helps digest protein present in meats, sausages, cheeses and many other foods that we consume especially during Christmas.

It is a fruit rich in fiber, potassium and water, helping us to make better digestion and prevent constipation. In addition, it has a hydrating and diuretic effect.

How can I tell when a pineapple is ripe?  Photo: bigstock

Helps regulate cholesterol levels and increase the feeling of satiety, which is ideal for lose weight and control ourselves when we overeat.

Without a doubt, a product with which to delight our guests in dishes such as shrimp salad with pineapple, stuffed pineapple, pineapple chicken, pineapple millefeuille or roasted pineapple, among many others.