The best tricks to properly defrost your car’s windshield in the morning

This situation is very common in winter in some areas of Spain: you leave home in a hurry in the morning and find the windshield of your car totally frozen. As is logical, in those conditions you can’t drive, so you should take a few minutes to remove the ice and frost before you can start your vehicle.

And is that the drop in temperatures also affect the car. That is why today we review the best tips and tricks so that the front window is always in perfect conditioneven though the mercury drops to 0 degrees.

How to defrost the windshield in a few seconds?

You can try directly with a scraper to leave the glass free of ice, but it will take a bit more time and the cold outside can make the process even more difficult. Therefore, you can put into practice some simple recommendations. One of them it is not pouring a jug of very hot water about the car. If you do, you run the risk that the sudden thermal difference break the moon before to remove the icicles.

Therefore, it is best to use a mix of water with pure alcohol (around 96º) and spray the entire surface with a sprayer. You will see right away how it does its particular effect and it costs you much less to remove that layer of ice that does not let you see anything from inside the vehicle. A homemade solution that can also be very effective is composed of water with vinegar or salt. However, in the latter case, be careful of add just the right amountas you could scratch the delicate front window.

The best tricks to properly defrost your car's windshield in the morning

Another classic method is heat the car interior. Start it up and put the heat on for a few minutes. In this case, make sure that the hot air circulate throughout the car evenly, not just pointing at the windshield.

And as a preventive measure, during the harshest months of winter you can replace the liquid that you normally use to clean the front glass with a special one suitable for lowering temperatures. A solution with a antifreeze component that will help you keep your car’s windshield in optimal condition.

Finally, another idea is to protect your car if you sleep on the street that night. That is, put a old blanket or some cardboard so they can muffle the frigid air a bit, so at least the moons are better protected.

More havoc from the cold in your car

Not only the windshield withstands the harsh winter weather, the rest of the components of your vehicle are also very sensitive to cold. For example, this is the case of wheels. In this sense and when the mercury drops precipitously, the pressure of the tires suffers almost at the same speed that the degrees in the street are reduced. Thus, for every 5ºC that the temperature drops, the wheels deflate about 0.07 bar. Something that is especially important to ensure safe driving.

The best tricks to properly defrost your car's windshield in the morning

The bowlers and locks the doors of your vehicle also suffer the ravages of winter, being able to freeze and prevent the entry of the key to open the car. The same thing happens to rubbers and gaskets of the entrances to the car, which lose elasticity.

On the other hand, some motor oils become more viscous and lose some of their lubricating properties with extreme cold. Something that fuel and brake fluid do support, so you do not have to worry about these two elements during the winter, although it does not hurt to check that everything is in order.

However, and you may have seen it on occasion, when it is too cold it is very likely that you cost to start the car. The reason is none other than drums. If, for example, the day dawns below -10ºC, this component of your car will lose power.

And another note that you should keep in mind: when you turn the heating very high, to warm up immediately or help remove the ice layer that has formed on the windshield, you are making it increase fuel consumption.

The last recommendation does not have to do with the maintenance of the car, but it is related to this and the winter. Before starting, especially in the morning, the National Police (@police) recommends giving a previous hit on the hood. What is the reason? With the freezing temperatures there are many stray cats taking shelter in this part of the car, especially if it is hot. And it is that if you do not do it (to scare the animal) not only could it die, but the car could suffer important technical problems.