The best tricks for cleaning metals

Regardless of the decorative style you have chosen for your home, the metal objects they always provide a nice touch that increases the luminosity in any space. The problem arises when it comes to cleaning, because they require specific products and a bit of «skill» when leaving them shiny.

Some splendid bronze pieces that serve as an ornament in any corner, a silver figurine with its own prominence in the living room, or a stainless steel appliance that gives any kitchen its own character … they look splendid but, ¿how are they cleaned?

clean metals.  copper

Flawless metals the easy way

We are not only talking about cleaning at home. Metals and alloys, or even precious metals like gold … they all need very specific care to be able to show their best “face”. Getting it is not particularly complicated. Experience shows that, in addition to specific products, some «tricks» that you can try are really effective:

  • Bronze. If you have a figurine made of this copper and tin alloy, you will have already verified that it tends to present unsightly stains generated mainly by the natural oxidation process. If you want to make it shiny, try passing it a cloth dampened with water and a few drops of lemon. Then dry completely. You will make it look like new.
  • Silver. When stained or darkened, silver jewelry or objects fade and it is important to clean them thoroughly to restore all their splendor. There are many «remedies» to achieve this easily. One of them consists of dissolving a tablespoon of common salt in half a glass of water. This way you will have an effective natural product, capable of eliminating any remaining dirt that may have adhered to the silver. If there are stains especially difficult to remove on the object, add a few drops of vinegar to the mixture.
  • Gold. A chain or a ring that needs cleaning? … Gold is a precious metal that requires very little maintenance. Simply with warm water and a little mild soap You can clean your jewelry, using a soft bristle brush, in case of pieces that have angles that are difficult to access. Again, remember that it is important to dry thoroughly.
  • Copper. If you want to give a «new life» to your objects made of this metal, clean them with a cloth dampened in a solution containing half a cup of vinegar, half of water and a tablespoon of salt. They will be shiny.
  • Stainless steel. It is increasingly common to find it in kitchens and other rooms in the house that seek a modern and innovative design. If your stainless steel furniture and appliances do not have a patina to protect them from frequent fingerprints, a good trick to keep them spotless is to clean them with a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap (never scourer) and finish by wiping a second cloth with a few drops of olive oil or almonds, in order to achieve that they are perfect and more than brilliant.