The best tips and recommendations for installing an artificial grass

You may be one of the lucky ones who have an outdoor space at home, whether in the form of a terrace, patio or garden. If your idea is condition that area and place artificial grass To make it more welcoming, we show you the best tips and tricks to make this quick and easy installation. And do not worry if the surface to be covered is tile, concrete or earth. We give you the solutions for each specific case.

The previous steps before laying the artificial grass

Before installing this coating, you must properly condition and clean the area or surface where it will be placed. Thus, if we are talking about a terrace-type place, what you should do is leave it untouched and eliminate all kinds of debris or waste that will cause the grass to be poorly placed.

If, on the other hand, you want to put it on sand, you must remove stones, roots or vegetation and leave it completely smooth, in addition to apply a herbicide everywhere to prevent the appearance of weeds in the future. In the latter case, it is also recommended to extend an anti-weed mesh, which will favor the drainage system of the future synthetic carpet.

Tips and recommendations for installing an artificial grass

Let’s do it!

Once we have the perfect surface, we go to unroll the artificial grass in the desired area. In this step it is important not to forget some previous considerations:

  • It is best to stretch the first row of artificial grass on the ground and cut each piece to the appropriate measurements.
  • Make sure you put all the pieces in the same direction. Once we have finished, it will be combed with a broom and we will fill it with rounded silica sand so that the fibers better retain moisture and remain in good condition, as well as horizontal.
  • To join these pieces together and to the ground, you can use self-adhesive tapes. Be careful when doing it so that the strips of grass are not superimposed on top of each other or there are gaps between them through which the surface below can be seen.

How is the maintenance of an artificial grass?

When we have finished the installation, it is time to enjoy artificial grass, but with a few notions to ensure its good condition and maintenance. Thus, it is enough to sweep a broom to remove any possible remains and, from time to time, wash it with a hose. In this way, we will remove dust and dirt.

To prevent the appearance of bacteria or other germs that can damage artificial grass, remember to do a disinfection every so often with a water-based solution and a specific product for it.