The best stores to buy in bulk in Madrid

In recent years we have attended a recovery of the sale of bulk feed in Spanish cities. In Madrid, the first stores that opened were very well received by the public, and many others followed the path they had opened. Today, almost all the neighborhoods in the center of the capital have at least one store of this type to make purchases by weight.

The success of these establishments is found in the great advantages of this type of consumption. The main one is that we can buy the right amount that we need, which means savings in what we buy and what we do not throw away because it can spoil us. In addition, we contribute to a more sustainable and responsible type of consumption, minimizing the environmental impact of packaging and plastic waste. Also, the fact of buying in small doses allows us to have a more varied pantry and try many more things.

The variety of products they have is very wide: seeds, cereals, legumes, pasta, flours, spices, nuts, rice, algae, etc. A huge catalog of products, which are available to the customer in large bags or containers and invite you to buy without haste.

Granel Madrid (Calle de Embajadores, 12)

Javier Benzo and Juan González They were among the first to realize that in Madrid there was still not much of a supply of this type of store. They were installed in a local from Calle Embajadores, just at the beginning of the popular Madrid Rastro, and the response from the neighborhood was unbeatable. They already have a loyal clientele who come to buy their products every day between the more than 200 references that have.

Bulk Store Madrid (Jesús Fernández)

Pepita y Grano (Calle de Santa Engracia, 77)

Cristina Sánchez-Moraleda this store opens at the end of 2014 in the Chamberí neighborhood. His place is a paradise for anyone who likes to cook. They have many national and imported products, and of extraordinary quality; from the most common to more exotic ones, which you may not have even seen before. The variety in rice, for example, it is fantastic.

The good of Nugget and Grain the thing is you can serve yourself and stroll through the store at your leisure to browse everything they have. In addition, anything you want to know will be explained to you with pleasure Cristina or the person who is attending at that time.

Pepita y Grano Store (Jesús Fernández)

Casa Ruiz Granel (Several stores. Calle Hermosilla, 88)

It is the one that has bet the most on growth and they already have two stores in Barcelona and four in Madrid. They work with a wide variety of products, among which we highlight cocoas, origin coffees, teas or large assortment of dehydrated fruits What do you sell. Whenever possible, they try to sell local products, to also reduce polluting transport.

Casa Ruíz bulk store, Madrid (Casa Ruíz)

El Granel de Corredera (Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 33)

Is he bulk of Malasaña neighborhood. They make a very careful gender selection. We can find some very special things, such as their Maccheroni with organic spirulina or the Espelette pepper tagliatelle. Also have a wide variety of delicious Valrhona chocolates, something that is not easy to find in common stores.

If you go, let them advise you, they will give you ideas and recipes for any of the products they sell.

El Granel de Corredera Store, Madrid (Jesús Fernández)

Acre Amish Market (Novitiate Street, 18)

We go to the Conde Duque neighborhood, on the same Noviciado street. In its store, Raúl López is inspired by the Amish culture to take us back to the more traditional shopping. Most of their products are national, although some things are brought from other countries. They also have fresh bread of different varieties They also sell by weight.

Raúl is also the owner of the flower shop Florea and it makes it easy for you: you can get out of there with the purchase made and with a plant under your arm.

Bulk stores Acre Market, Madrid (Jesús Fernández)