The best platforms on the Internet to sell your second-hand mobile

Today’s new phones are pure technology and are so versatile that just using them to talk on the phone is the least of it. Thus, as every season, with the arrival of the news in telephony, there are not a few who they want to change their old and obsolete device by a model much more in line with the times of this 21st century.

However, our old device still has a rope for a while; that’s why, if we don’t want it to be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer we can get some economic return selling it over the internet. You can give it to a friend or family member or spread the word among them if they are interested in your purchase. But if you want to make sure it reaches more people and sell it at a better price, the best thing is that you go to a specialized service.

The best platforms on the Internet to sell your second-hand mobile

If that’s your idea, don’t miss out on these platforms on-line and web pages where you can find the next owner of your old mobile.

Where can I sell my old mobile phone?

Write down these digital platforms If this afternoon you want to sell that phone that you are no longer going to use and receive an extra incentive that will surely come in handy.


We couldn’t stop mentioning the Internet thrift shopping giant between individuals. If you need something, no matter how strange it may seem, here you can find it (@eBayESP). For example, in the case of the mobile phone you want to sell, simply upload a description of it accompanied by a recent photograph (if possible that the item is «favored») and the price for which you want to sell it.

At this last point you can make a direct sale by setting a specific cost that you consider to be worth your old mobile or start a auction system for the highest bidder to finally take this item home.

Once the purchase is made, this platform takes some money in form of commission but, in return, it offers the guarantee to serve you as a claim space Yes The new owner tries to scam you and does not want to give you the agreed money in exchange for that mobile.


You may not have heard of this application, but it is like the well-known Wallapop (@wallapop) but dedicated only to electronic items. Therefore, the ideal place to show that mobile you want to sell (@sellfunapp) where they will show you a list with all the available devices, their location and their price.

The benefits of this application, as explained by those responsible, is that the buyer pays the agreed price for that item directly on the platform (there are no more intermediaries and the payment is secure) and the mobile phone will be sent to the new owner’s home. That is to say, you avoid being face to face as is done with the well-known second-hand sales platform to which we have alluded a few lines ago.

The best platforms on the Internet to sell your second-hand mobile

Phone House

It is one of the establishments (@PhoneHouse_Es) best known for the purchase of a telephone terminal and for some time also facilitates the sale so that that old telephone passes into the hands of another individual. And for this, their system is based on something very simple: themselves (Phone House) They will buy you that old mobile that they will later sell as a second-hand piece in some of its many stores throughout the country. A good idea for those who do not mind buying a «not so new» since they cannot afford a new mobile at a higher price.

To do so, just use your Remóvil service, write the make and model of the phone you want to sell and You will get the price for which they will buy it. If you agree on that amount, follow the rest of the steps indicated. In the end, you will have to go to the nearest Phone House store with that device to complete that sales process.

Even if that phone fails, does not charge or is damaged, you can do the same transaction with this store. They will take care of repairing it for later sale in their showcases.

Money & mobiles

The last page that we show you to sell the device that you no longer use is Money & Mobile (@MoneyMobile). In this case, the procedure is also very simple: you look for the brand and model that corresponds to the one you have at home and you indicate the state in which it is (from almost new since you have hardly used it from time to time to the option of does not work and is defective).

Of course, nothing to deceive this website since you can not sell mobile phones that have a somewhat illegal origin, are handled, have gotten wet or have been found by chance lying on the street.

Once you accept that money that they propose to you, a messenger will stop by where you live to pick up that object telephony. When the house receives that terminal and verifies that everything is as agreed, they will pay you the fixed price after a couple of days.