The benefits of reading. Know why it is good to read

Reading has important benefits for our body. Among them, the improvement of memory and agility that our brain experiences in relation to decision making. The benefits of reading are so many that we could not list them all, however, as they claim from the Juan Cardona HospitalThrough reading we manage to raise our quality of life to a higher level, thanks to its impact on aspects such as sleep, cognitive development or relaxation.

Therefore, today we leave you five reasons who argue that reading is one of the best activities we can do in our day to day.

The importance of putting yourself in the place of the other

The benefits of reading.  Know why it is good to read from our first lives (pixabay)

Throughout your life cycle, you have surely found yourself on more than one occasion where you have needed a bit of empathy to understand other people. In the life, Putting yourself in the place of the other is one of the best ways we have to understand things and help those who need it. In the year 2012, The New York Times It demonstrated how, through reading, we adults can develop our empathy and evolve as human beings.

Mental exercise

A simple walk is more than enough to vilify the large number of advertisements that revolve around the importance of physical exercise, offering us quotas and gym offers that are impossible to refuse. In the same way that these, and sport in general, serve to strengthen your muscles, reading is key to exercising the mind. Our cognitive abilities have in reading one of their main sources of development.

Reading before bed helps you fall asleep

One of the best habits you can develop before going to sleep is spend a few minutes reading. Through it you will be able to reconcile and obtain a much higher quality sleep. Forget about cell phone and television screens. Reading is the key to a good rest. Of course, do not do it in bed.

Bet on knowledge

The books are the source of information par excellence. It is important that you know that there are as many types of books as you need. Consultation, fiction, current affairs, biographies … Through them you are betting on culture and on expanding the networks of your knowledge.

Facilitates communication

Through the exercise of reading you will be able to learn more and more words and more contexts in which to use them. With them, you can make your communication a much more effective tool, thus facilitating interaction with your environment.