The applications to know how long the bus is going to take

We know the importance of using public transport in the city, but few things are as angry as missing the bus just when you are arriving at the stop. GPS technology applied to smartphones allows us to anticipate and know how long the bus is going to take in real time, in addition to giving you the best routes for your urban trips, also by metro or commuter train. We tell you how they work.

How does the apps urban transport

The municipal transport services of some cities have it perfectly integrated into Google Maps, as for example in San Sebastián, which when searching for an itinerary and selecting the public transport option already tells you how long the bus is going to take. There are also generic applications, such as Moovit (which even incorporates sustainable mobility bicycle rental systems) or Here we go, which allow us to consult the information related to the transport of cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Murcia, Pamplona and Zaragoza. These apps they also work in many other countries of the world, so they are very useful when you travel.

Plus, many Spanish cities have their own app to know itineraries, stops and waiting times of public transport. This is the case of the TMBAPP applications for Barcelona, ​​EMT Madrid or EMT Valencia that you can download from your phone.

The use of this type of application is really simple and intuitive. They work by means of GPS, which locates your position and lets you know, among other things, which is the closest stop to you. In its drop-down menu you have a map in which all the stops are indicated, which with an arrow is located where you are. Once the stop is selected, it gives you the options of lines that you can take from it, and the waiting times of each one of them.

This option is especially useful on some lines that do not pass very frequently, and if you have the stop close to home they allow you to leave in just enough time to catch the bus on time and never lose it again at the stop.