The anti-wrinkle hair: know the keys to the new botox for hair

No needles and no botulinum toxin. This is the capillary botox that rejuvenates our hair. It is a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, hyaluronic acid and collagen that regenerates our hair and prevents it from aging.

This treatment, based on natural ingredients, is the latest in hair salons. But what does it really consist of?

The treatment known as capillary botox has nothing to do with the botox used in aesthetic medicine for the skin, although they do share its rejuvenation capacity.

Hair botox hydrates and nourishes in depth our hair adds shine, repairs and rejuvenates damaged and weakened hair and eliminates frizz creating a smoothing effect. Unlike other hydrating treatments that contain chemicals, such as keratin, hair botox only contains natural ingredients. It is a product that does not contain formaldehyde.

This product also serves to increase the resistance and flexibility of our hair, improving its appearance.

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How does it apply?

The first thing your hairdresser will do is wash your hair with a alkaline shampoo to open the cuticle and remove all residues. The excess moisture is then removed and the product is applied using a massage from root to tip. After 90 minutes, your hair will be lightened with a little cold water to close the pore.

Finally, he will dry his hair and iron it, since the heat helps in the penetration of the product in the hair fiber. However, there are beauty salons in which, instead of the iron, they prefer to use some osmotic paper, thermal cap or a massage to favor the entry of the ingredients into the hair with the heat.

This treatment is recommended for all hair types, especially for those most damaged as a result of dyes, hair dryer, sun or swimming pool.

Experts Recommend 4 sessions with an interval of 15 days between them.

Its duration is around two months, although it can be a little longer if we take care of our hair with sulfate-free shampoos.

Although you can apply it at home, our advice is to do it with the help of a good professional. Find out before applying it so that, in addition to being experts who carry out the treatment, they do so with quality and natural products.

In the event that you decide to do it at home, you can find the products in online stores or specific stores of hairdressing products. The price may vary depending on the brand and quantity of product needed.