The 4-7-8 technique or how to fall asleep in 60 seconds

Sleeping well is essential for our health and to be able to lead an active lifestyle. Thus, having an adequate number of hours of sleep and that it is of quality provides us with multiple benefits such as, among others, contributing to a rested brain and balanced hormone production, strengthening the immune system and neuronal connections, protect the heart or reduce depression.

But for many people, falling asleep is not an easy task and every night they see, sometimes desperate, how the minutes pass if they manage to fall asleep no matter how much they have complied with the recommendations of making a light dinner, that between this and bedtime they have spent about two hours or have done physical exercise during the day.

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At this point lRelaxation exercises and breathing techniques can be good allies to fall asleep quickly and naturally. One of these techniques in which it is known as the 4-7-8 of the University of Arizona professor Andrew Weil, an expert in integral medicine and one of the most famous naturopathic doctors in the world.

What is the 4-7-8 technique?

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Before starting the breathing exercises, we place the tip of the tongue behind the upper incisor teeth (where the palate begins) and we keep it in that position throughout the exercise. And then:

  • We close our mouths and breathe in through our noses for four seconds
  • We hold our breath for 7 seconds
  • We exhale the air completely through the mouth for 8 seconds
  • We repeat the process three more times

Weil recommends performing the technique seated, with your back straight and supported.. Perhaps it is not the appropriate posture to get to sleep, but we can practice first sitting down and, when we master the technique, carry it out lying on the bed. In addition, it also advises to prepare for exercise by practicing until you improve lung capacity and be able to hold your breath in the marked time because, in fact, the technique is more effective the longer we practice it.

Of course, Weil warns that it should not be done too often (a couple of times a day are enough to get used to).

And finally, This remedy to relax works not only to get to sleep quickly, it can also be used to calm us in a situation of tension or nerves.

In case there are doubts, on Dr. Weil’s YouTube channel we can consult how to carry out the technique.