Thanks to these simple tricks, you will not badly clean your toilet again

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house, along with the kitchen, which greater daily traffic receives of all the people who live in a house. Hence cleaning should be regular and conscientious, especially in places like the toilet, where a lot of germs and moisture accumulate.

Today we are not only going to give you some simple tricks to make your toilet clean and odor-free, but we will explain the keys to make it completely safe and 100% sanitized. A way to banish the bad habits and mistakes that we frequently commit when wiping the cloth through this corner of our toilet.

Don’t clean it just once a week

Lack of time or laziness may prevent you from complying with this maxim, but it is important to have the toilet clean every day, especially if you receive a visit from many people or there are children or sick people at home.

On the weekend you can do a somewhat deeper cleaning, using products with bleach to disinfect the toilet and other natural ones, such as vinegar or bicarbonate, which combined will be the most effective solution when there is lime residue. Also, it doesn’t hurt to wear some plastic gloves to do this task.

Tricks to properly clean the toilet

Forgotten corners where bacteria accumulate

When we proceed to clean our toilet, we may insist with the cloth on the inner area of ​​the same, in the conduit where the water goes. It is not badly done, but it is not important to dwell too much on this aspect either, since every time we use the toilet, It is washed with water and we use the hand brush.

So, the essential thing is not to forget about those corners that can be a source of bacteria, such as the inner edge where dirt accumulates and, above all, the lid, the seat (with its back) and the flush button. This last point is especially significant since we operate the handle with our hands still unwashed, so it is important to do a good review of this element, which is more likely to be contaminated.

And if we want to be very exhaustive, we can use a old toothbrush to clean the joints or the area where the fastening screws of the toilet lid are, as a final step in the hygiene of our toilet.