Termites at home? Get rid of them thanks to these tricks

Long time without going to the town house and when you arrive you discover that there is a termite infestation in the basement, one of the favorite places to take shelter. It is there where they find food in abundance: wood, paper, cardboard or natural fabrics.

It is important not to forget this task as termites they reproduce very quickly and it would be much worse since they are capable of destroying your furniture or eating the wooden structure, the beams, of a building. And this without knowing for sure the part of the house that is affected, since they can take time attacking it without us being aware of it.

Kill termites

You can try to eliminate them at home but it is best to use a professional service. They will carry out several treatments to eliminate that colony of termites, as well as a subsequent monitoring to verify that the pest has not reproduced again.

During that time, in addition, a series of biocidal products are injected into the wood that create a protective film, especially in the wooden elements, furniture and the floor.

Termites at home?  Get rid of them quickly with these tricks

In the event that the invasion of these insects is mild and very localized, you can get down to work with home remedies. But always, we remember, it is better to hire a company that is dedicated to it.

First of all, it is important that you know that termites develop in humid environments, so it is necessary that you eliminate any moisture that may exist in your home to prevent future pests. But let’s go with the current problem:

  • To kill termites in a homemade way we are going to prepare a solution with boric acid and water. The ratio is 100 grams of this powdered product for every liter of water. With the help of a syringe, take that mixture and insert it into a hole that you can make in the wood. For the outside spray directly with this mixture or wipe with a damp cloth in the same solution.
  • Another remedy is to mix a tablespoon of this product with the same amount of sugar and powdered milk. Leave this paste in small open containers in key areas of the house to attract and eliminate termites.