Swiss chard or potatoes against hemorrhoids

Most of the population will suffer from hemorrhoids at some time. This problem, also known as piles, sometimes prevents us from performing some of our daily activities comfortably. Therefore, in this article we are going to try to give you some tips so that, if the day comes when they appear, you will know how you can treat them at home with home remedies to relieve pain.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the part of the anus and the lower part of the rectum. They can be both internal and external. They usually cause pain or discomfort, bleeding or itching, among other symptoms.

Between the Causes Its appearance includes constipation, diarrhea, sitting for long periods on the toilet, obesity, consuming little fiber, lifting very heavy things, a sedentary life or poor diet, etc.

What can we do to ease the pain?

Although they usually go away on their own in a few weeks, there are some home remedies to help relieve pain during those days.

The first of them is based on aloe vera. This product has inflammatory properties and for this reason it is very effective when we have any irritation or inflammation on the skin. Our advice is to use pure aloe vera gel.

Another tip that is passed down from generation to generation is the lukewarm baths. These can be carried out either in the shower or by using a container on which we can sit like a basin or the bidet itself.

Apply ice packs or cold compresses in the area can also help relieve swelling. Apply them for approximately 15 minutes on the affected area.

Medicinal plants like chamomile or rosemary they will also help us reduce inflammation. To do this, it is necessary to boil these plants and, once the water is cold, we will immerse the damaged area in that water for 10 minutes.

Direct application to the affected area of cold chard leaves is another of the most recommended home remedies, like the potato. In this case, we will apply it on the area, but wrapped in a cloth.

How to avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids

Swiss chard or potatoes against hemorrhoids Photo: bigstock

To prevent hemorrhoids it is essential to follow a healthy diet rich in fiber based on fruits and vegetables. These will help us soften the stool, in the same way that it is advisable to drink a lot of fluids.

Sedentary people are also at higher risk of suffering from hemorrhoids, therefore, it is recommended to perform physical exercise regularly.

In addition, for those who suffer from hemorrhoids it is advisable to use cotton and loose fitting clothing.