Surprising uses for baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is, since time immemorial, one of the most recurrent and effective remedies to combat excess acidity in certain parts of the body, especially the stomach. Of course, this compound that It is obtained from the mineral natron, present in nature, and which is soluble in water must be taken with caution to avoid side effects. For example, it is not recommended to ingest it more than once a week and you have to wait a minimum of 60 minutes after meals.

However, baking soda can also be of great help beyond the realm of health. Without going any further, it can be an excellent beauty supplement With which to exfoliate the skin, remove residues from the hair, reduce the dryness of the elbows or show off whiter teeth, among other qualities. Under this premise, how can you get the most out of to this substance in your day to day?

Sodium bicarbonate, a multipurpose resource

Baking soda to clean tiles (bigstockphoto)
  • Against fire. One of the most surprising uses for this compound is its ability to extinguish small fires or flares. And we emphasize the small thing, as it can be of great help in specific episodes that take place in the kitchen or any other point of your home. Apparently when baking soda is heated, emits carbon dioxide, which helps put out the fire.

  • Goodbye to the bad smell. It is normal that the bathroom sometimes emits bad odors. One remedy to keep them at bay is deodorize drains with half a cup of baking soda while holding the tap on the Hot water open. This simple gesture can eliminate acid odors and, at the same time, clean the pipes and ensure proper drainage of the pipes.

  • The best ally in cleaning. Dishes, pans, the oven, and even the microwave can always look shiny thanks to the baking soda. Whether combined with your usual detergent, moistened with water or with the help of a sponge, this substance has the power to remove hardened food, bad smells and the color of the passage of time.

  • Also for cars! Did you know that baking soda also works to neutralize battery corrosion of automobiles? You just have to make a paste with three parts of bicarbonate and one of water and apply it with a damp cloth on the battery terminals. Yes indeed, you must be careful that these are disconnected and always keep a safe distance, as they contain a very powerful acid. On the other hand, you can also use it to clean the headlights, windows, tires or floor mats, among others.

  • To take care of the garden. Sodium bicarbonate is very useful for avoid fungal diseases in plants and remove weeds that normally grow between the floor tiles. Especially the crab, which usually appears on the lawn, which detracts from its luster and steals its place in the garden.