Super easy makeup tricks to look much younger

Over time, wrinkles appear on our faces. To make this look younger and fresher there are some makeup tricks that we are going to reveal to you in this article, but remember, the best advice is to take a good diet and healthy lifestyle habits. Eating foods rich in calcium, zinc, copper, as well as vitamin A, C and E, added to a cleansing routine, will make our face appear less age.

The first thing you should do before starting to put on makeup is to prepare the skin. Cleaning and hydrating it well is key, from there, we can start applying makeup.


Primers make our makeup set much better and our face look much more uniform and luminous. If we want to create a rejuvenating effect, we must always look for primers that illuminate the face and blur wrinkles.


It is a product that must not be abused and must be used correctly. Even if you want to hide dark circles, if you apply a large amount, all you will do is excessively mark the lines of expression and the creases under the eyes, drawing attention to the wrinkles.

The trick is to spread a thin layer with soft touches and add more product if we see that it is necessary. Once applied, allow the expression lines to be marked for a few seconds and remove the excess product that has accumulated inside them with a little toilet paper.


Another big mistake when putting on makeup is to use a makeup tone either very light, or very dark. The ideal is to choose a base of a tone identical to our skin and when in doubt, always opt for the light one, since with powders and blush we can raise the tone. In addition, light tones will bring us light and, therefore, youth.

As for the texture, it is advisable to use a liquid makeup without being too greasy. Creamy shadows, blushes, and foundations will make you look fresher.

Try applying it with a specific brush or sponge, trying to make it even across the face and neck.

When choosing it, use those that contain sunscreen with an SPF of 15 to 30, these block 97% of ultraviolet radiation.

Makeup base

Eye shadows

For a fresh and luminous look, it is best to opt for light tones. Colors such as salmon, pink, beige and gold are the ones that open the gaze the most, bring more light and rejuvenate it.

To make them look bigger you can apply two shadows. The darker one is applied on the inner part of the mobile eyelid towards the tear duct and a lighter one on the outer part towards the temple. A key detail is that you use a very light shadow blurred on the fixed eyelid, under the brow.

Pencil eye

It is preferable that you do not outline the lower part as it hardens the look, makes it look smaller, tired and dull.

In addition, we recommend that when applying the eye pencil you do it on the outside and not on the inside of the eye, as this will make your eye appear larger.


Although sometimes we forget their care a little, it is a very important part of our face. There are exfoliants for the lips and specific creams to get them hydrated.

The best way to rejuvenate them is to outline them with a pencil the same shade as your lipstick.


The thick and disheveled eyebrows, without overdoing it, provide a more youthful image. Keep them complete and respect the natural arch they form.

We are at a time when this part of our face has special importance, to the point that there is a whole new market for products and specific treatments for its care.


To give a greater sensation of freshness and luminosity, we recommend its application on cheekbones, forehead, septum and tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow, lacrimal, center of the mobile eyelid and a little under the eyebrows.


Over time the cheekbones tend to lose some fat and collagen causing them to sag slightly. To hide this effect, we recommend that you apply the blush in the upper area of ​​the cheekbones.

Similarly, sharpening the chin will make us look younger. In that case, apply a light layer of base makeup two shades darker than our skin in the neck area.

If you follow these tips, your face will surely look like an Instaram photograph.