Store eggs in the fridge to preserve them better?

After decades considered, in many cases unfairly, the main culprit of the increase in blood cholesterol, the egg has come to occupy its rightful role in a healthy diet. As the Spanish Food Foundation (FEN) is a food rich in protein of high biological value, low in calories, which admits multiple preparations and should be consumed in conditions of optimum freshness.

What is the best place to store the eggs?

The doubt arises when checking that the eggs are not in the refrigerator in the supermarket but, when we get home, we usually put them in ours and place them, specifically, on the door, in the place that seems intended for them .

Faced with the refrigerator yes or no dilemma, the Institute for Egg Studies, affirms, that at home, this food should be kept in the refrigerator, with one of its shelves being the perfect place. The ideal is to place them there, keeping them in their own container.

To stay in optimal conditions, the eggs need a fresh and dry place, in which, in addition, a temperature is kept as uniform as possible. These three conditions are met by any refrigerator. It is not dangerous to leave them outside, but if the ambient temperature is too high (summer heat, winter heating) it is not recommended.

The Institute points out that the door, where we usually put them, is not the best place, because when opening and closing, the egg is more exposed to the cold-heat contrast than if it were protected on a shelf. Likewise, the fact of keeping them in their packaging guarantees a extra protection against moisture and also against possible blows. In addition, in its packaging always the expiration date will appear (It is not mandatory that it goes in each egg) and thus you will know if it is suitable for consumption.

Regarding whether they can be taken after the date marked on the container, the Institute recalls that it is best before date And that you can consume them if only a few days have passed, as long as their peel is intact and clean and they have been properly refrigerated.