Steps to put your apartment for sale or rent

Put your own apartment in rent or sale It is a task that today thanks to the real estate portals and your mobile apps, it can become easier than ever. These apps are very intuitive and facilitate step by step the work of raising both the information like the images of the home that you want to promote for rent or sale.


To put an apartment or house for rent or sale, many people they turn to real estate, which do for the interested party the entire process of moving their floor through the different portals. But if intermediaries are not desired in this process, you can do it yourself quite easily.

The first thing is that the user must register in one of the portals in which they want to advertise the home, such as Idealistic, Fotocasa, For rent or When you do this, the portal will ask for a series of personal information, that when it comes to putting a property for rent or sale, it will be accompanied by certain requests to contrast that the home is owned by the user.

Once registered, you have to go to put your own property up for sale or rent, and there you should indicate the direction of this. Subsequently, all portals leave a field to add property information, such as the square meters, the number of rooms, the advantages of the area or the number of floors. Finally, in the section for add images, you can upload as many as you want, so that search engines can more easily get the idea of ​​what that home is really like.

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Some advices

Premium so that the home has more visibility

When searching Idealista and Fotocasa, for example, you can see that certain homes appear repeatedly at the top of the search. It is because those sellers pay a premium rate so that the sale of the house is more publicized. They also have access to exclusive lists of agents from buyers and some even facilitate contacts with real estate agencies.


Probably the most decisive part in order to put an apartment for sale is in the photographs that are taken of the property. A good lighting, a house clean and collected giving a greater sense of space or a sharp photo and from angles that favor the global vision of the room, they significantly help the home to be more attractive for future buyers.

Take care of the description

When people search for houses, almost all descriptions they start to sound the same. The lack of adjectives will make each property «pretty» and «cozy». Better to stand out from stale adjectives in this type of portals and be more concise, offering important details such as measurements in meters, the number of cabinets, the floor material, the orientation of the windows or terrace or whether the home it is completely renovated.

Making it easier to show the property

Another key to putting an apartment for sale or rent and being successful in a short time is to offer facilities in order to teach it interested parties. It must be considered that if you do not have a lot of time due to family or work matters, it is better to have a real estate agent that I can show it, so do not miss the visit of many search engines for not having availability.

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Most popular apps


It has hundreds of thousands of houses and rooms advertised, to upload as an owner or to search as a tenant for sale and for rent, all over Spain. Show the ones that are close to the interested party thanks to the geopositioning of Android and ios. The application searches a maximum radius of 10 kilometers and offers a list of homes ordered by proximity to the user’s position.

Once you have the list of properties, can be filtered with the same criteria that exist in the web version. And when an advertisement attracts attention, you can consult all its details, such as photographs, see it located on a map or Contact the advertiser. It can even be saved as a favorite to watch later on another device.


With a general offer very similar to the previous application, the Fotocasa app available for ios Y Android It also offers a wide range of homes for rent and sale. The facilities to advertise a property in it are very similar to those of other portals, although it does not have a search method by zone selection as complete and concrete as that of its strongest competition, Idealista. The filtering pre and post search and the way to contact being owner or search engine are very simple, as well as its extensive photo gallery.

The rest of the applications for the sale and rental of flats, having a very similar operation to those of these two, have far fewer users, which also reduces the offer.