Steps to format the mobile phone and make it look like new

It is possible that you have decided to sell your mobile because you have bought a new one, or you simply want to give it to someone else for this very fact or because you have tired of it. Or maybe you want to leave it as new because you’ve overloaded it with all kinds of files and it no longer works as quickly as it did a while ago. If you find yourself in any of these situations, then you will need to format it. This process consists of eliminating all the data that you have been storing in his memory for as long as he has belonged to you. It is something like returning it to its original state, that is, returning it to the same format as when we turned it on for the first time.

In this way we can even improve its performance if it is an old phone and we notice that it already works the same way for us. This way you can recover the space that is probably occupying a large number of photos and videos that you probably will not see, since you have moved them to other storage spaces. In the same way, if we have been subjected to a virus or malware, with this action we can recover the mobile in its full functionality. You also have to bear in mind that when you format this device or any other you’re going to lose everything that’s inside, so depending on what you are going to clean it for, it may be necessary that previously make a backup.

For android

To make a backup on your Android phone you have to go to Settings, and from here look for the option Advanced Settings and give the option Backup copy. You must have Data Backup checked, an associated Google account and Automatic Restore must also be active.

The procedure to delete the data is carried out from this same Settings window. At the end of it, you will see that there are several indications: Reset all settings, network settings and factory settings.

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We have to choose Factory data reset. Then you will observe all the list of accounts associated with the system such as Google, WhatsApp, social networks, etc. At the same time you will be told what is going to happen. Apart from ending these accounts memory data will be deleted device, application and system data, settings, and downloaded applications. Also music files, photos, other user data and the decryption key for files on the SD card. This means that these files cannot be used after resetting the phone to factory defaults.

If you are clear about it, remember that once you click on Reset device, the device will start the whole process and it will no longer be possible to reverse this step. When we have done it, our mobile will be exactly the same as the first day it came into our hands, that is, without any additional elements Except for those included by default by the manufacturer.

In the event that we want to format the SD card, we must go to Settings and go to the Storage box. In the end, you will have the possibility of Format the SD card, so that if you want it, it will in turn be like new.

For ios

In the case of an iOS device, the procedure varies as must be done from iTunes. First you have to find in Settings the iCloud option, Y Search my Iphone, and then deactivate it. Then it will ask us for the Apple ID password, which you need to enter to complete this action.

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Then it is necessary that connect the mobile to the computer with a USB key. Next you have to enter the iTunes application. From there you will have to investigate a little until you find the file that collects all the information on your phone. Depending on the version you have, the command that appears may vary as well as the device you want to clean, but basically what you need to do is click on Restore and then Restore.

Immediately the application will download the iOS version again appropriate, so you will reinstall it. All the data that you have stored so far will no longer be on your iPhone, so as a precaution you should first make a backup copy as we have indicated in the previous case, in case at any time you need to recover some of the information that were stored in your device.

When you turn it on again you will see that it is as new as in the previous case, like you bought it recently. So you will have it ready to sell, give away or simply to leave it stored in the trunk of memories, although there is always the possibility of recycling it if we do not know very well what to do with it and we do not want to accumulate technological waste at home.