Steps to follow to clean and disinfect a mattress

Experts recommend changing the mattress every 10 years, but everything will depend on its condition and quality, so the change may be convenient before reaching 10 years or, on the contrary, we can stretch some more with it. Of course, whatever the case, It is necessary to carry out periodic cleaning and disinfection of our mattress to get rid of mites, a type of tiny arachnids that are not seen with the naked eye, but with which we live in our day to day. The most common in the home are dust mites or house mites, which, although harmless, can cause allergies and breathing difficulties in some people. The bed, along with rugs and sofas, is one of the favorite places to live and even if we regularly change the sheets, the presence of mites in the mattresses can still be dangerous. Therefore, let’s see a simple way to disinfect our mattress.

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For this home remedy for cleaning and disinfecting our mattress we will only need sodium bicarbonate (allows to deodorize and eliminate humidity and all kinds of bacteria, dirt and, above all, mites); essential oil (preferably disinfectant, such as lavender or green tea), a strainer and a vacuum cleaner.

First of all we will place the mattress, without sheets or covers, in a place where possible where the sun shines and it is easy to move it. In a plastic container, we put 250 grams of bicarbonate and add about 5 drops of the essential oil. We stir well so that the two elements are mixed.

The next step is to distribute the mixture with the strainer over the entire mattress. First we will do it on one side and let it act for an hour and then we will repeat the process on the other part of the mattress. The last step will be vacuum the entire surface of the mattress to remove any dirt that is stuck to the baking soda. And we will already have a clean, disinfected mattress that smells like new.

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And to prevent the proliferation of mites

In addition to periodically cleaning the mattresses, it is advisable to follow a series of habits to prevent the number of mites from increasing:

  • Ventilate very well every day the bedroom to remove heat and moisture accumulated during the night.
  • Not making the bed immediately because it must also be aired. So for a while we must leave it open so that it can be ventilated with the rest of the room.
  • Change and wash sheets regularly since it is where remains of dead skin accumulate, which serves as food for the mites.
  • Use mattress and pillow protectors that act as a barrier between the sheets and the mattress and are easy to wash and place.