SOS, my sink is clogged!

My sink is clogged! What I can do? On many occasions we find that bathroom or kitchen drains do not drain as they should, sometimes even causing bad odors. There are a multitude of products on the market to unclog, but if you are one of those who flee from the chemical or have caught you in an hour with the store closed, take note of these homemade plungers so that the water flows again normally.

Our first mixture is based on vinegar, baking soda and water. It is one of the simplest and most effective and you have surely heard it from many people. As we have explained in this section on numerous occasions, vinegar has a great bactericidal effect and therefore is a great cleaner that, together with bicarbonate, will be a great solution to end the clogging of your pipes. To carry out this method you simply have to pour half a cup of bicarbonate into the drain and let it act for a few minutes. Next, add half a liter of boiling water that will cause an effervescence when it comes into contact with the baking soda, helping to remove the dirt. Wait 10 minutes and add another half cup of baking soda. Then add a glass of vinegar and cover the drain for 10 minutes. Finally add two liters of boiling water. You will see the results.


Another very effective way to unclog pipes is with the soap powder. Pour a large amount of this soap down the drain and then pour in a pot of boiling water.

A solution similar to the previous one would be with Salt. To do this, add salt to the hot water to finish off the leftover food. In addition, you will get rid of the bad smell of the pipes.

A well-known home remedy is through a wire. Use a fine, moldable wire like a coat hanger. Make a small bend in one of its ends and introduce it down the drain. Put it in and take it out as many times as necessary until you see that no more residue comes out.

After the wire, another of the most used devices for unblocking and that almost all of us have at home is the classic «pacifier”.

How to avoid traffic jams?

To avoid clogs we recommend that you do not pour oil down the sink, put a filter plug so that large pieces of food do not leak down the drain and clean the pipes frequently with boiling water and salt.

In the bathroom, don’t flush papers or other non-degradable objects down the toilet as you could damage the drain.

If even with these remedies you see that the problem persists and is still very serious, we recommend that you contact professional plumbers to find a solution as soon as possible and not to further aggravate the traffic jam.