“Smart” pots: which are the most advisable for an older person

The lifelong pressure cooker It is still a basic kitchen utensil when it comes to preparing dishes with ease and in less time. but now, in addition, you have the so-called smart pots, which turn out more versatile, by offering various functions and even the possibility of cooking “alone”, following the instructions that you can previously program.

If you are thinking that a small appliance of this type could be useful for you, when purchasing it it is convenient to be clear about the characteristics that it must have in order for it to be really useful for you.

programmable pot

What to look for to choose the best programmable pot?

You have many models of pots with important differences between one and the other, which are based mainly on three aspects that are the first to be paid attention to: the ability, the functions possible and the price.

If this is a new kitchen utensil for you, spend enough time choosing the one that suits you best. Capacity is an important detail. You have pots designed to prepare food for 2 – 3 people, compared to others of up to 8 or 10 liters of capacity. Its price varies significantly (larger, more expensive), so think about the one that meets your daily needs, so as not to spend too much and so that it does not end up “abandoned” on top of the closet because it is impractical . Maybe if you live alone or as a couple, one of the smaller ones may be enough. On the other hand, if your children and grandchildren tend to get together to eat at your house frequently, a larger capacity one will facilitate the task of preparing an extensive menu.

Basic is also to look at the versatility that your pot offers you when cooking. Some allow you to prepare any food almost as you want: fried, steamed, in a traditional stew … some even have an oven function or allow you to make specialties such as cooked rice.

Some options may not interest you, but, at the very least, your pot should allow you pressure cook (same as a pressure cooker) and is also especially recommended for older people who have “Slow cooker” so that you can continue preparing traditional recipes, such as rich stews or legumes, without the dish losing its essence of “simmering”.

Posts to ask, that has the function of Self-cleaning, way to reheat or keep food warm, that your exterior is cool to the touch to avoid any risk of burns in the kitchen, which allows cooking in “eco” mode, saving energy, and that its interior is removable so that you can put it in the dishwasher are details that you probably value as points in favor.

programmable pot

Ease of use… essential!

If your smart pot is so “smart” that no one understands it, the top of the cupboard will once again be its destination. The main advantage of this kitchen utensil is the possibility of programming it. To make cooking easy for you and the different recipes to suit your taste, you must be able to introduce the food and seasonings and “tell” to your pot the shape and cooking time In a simple way.

When buying an appliance of this type take a good look at the information offered by its control panel and screen. It must be very clear and intuitive, so that making food does not have any complications.

Among the basic parameters that you should be able to easily handle are:

  • Type of cooking: steam, slow mode, frying …
  • Selection of temperature and time.
  • Selection of pressure level.

In addition, the most innovative pots offer the option, always interesting, of be able to tell you the time to start cooking and stop cooking up with 24 hours in advance. You can, for example, leave it programmed to prepare some great lentils and go quietly to do some sport. When you come back they will be ready.

In general, current models they are easy to use and they practically select by themselves the ideal option of times, pressures and temperatures according to the recipe you have chosen. They all usually come with an instruction manual and recipes with which it is very easy to familiarize yourself with them and thus take advantage of all their possibilities, which really are many and offer excellent results in a short time and with total comfort.

smart pots

Safety, a key element

It is another of the important aspects that you should pay special attention to. The programmable pots are very safe but the more mechanisms that guarantee that security the device includes, the better. Automatic pressure control systems that avoid any risk, automatic disconnection after the cooking time has elapsed, temperature control so that it never exceeds safety levels, hermetic lid with impossibility of opening in case of not being safe, anti-blocking ventilation system so that it is not possible to produce an obstruction in the steam outlet … they are essential security measuresMany of them are obligatorily included and other extras that you must check that they are present in your pot and guarantee its optimal operation without any risk.