Small changes with which you can renovate your kitchen (and without spending too much)

You do not have to take out the calculator with some fear. It is possible to renovate rooms in the house with a series of basic recommendations, some common sense, the most practical advice, without getting into cumbersome works and, what worries you the most, without making a significant financial outlay. Thus, today we propose several ideas to renew and give a new look to your kitchen without it costing you a lot of money to do it.

Brand new kitchen furniture

We are not saying that you get rid of the ones you already have and make a radical change to the entire stay. With a few simple tricks you can give a new look to your kitchen and surprise everyone with the result. It will look like you’ve bought a new kitchen!

So, the best way to do it is to renovate those cabinets and paint them with a new color that provides a facelift. If, on the other hand, you do not want to change the tone, by placing new handles and knobs on the doors of this furniture (in addition to a few extra decorative accessories) you will already be giving it a renewed exterior appearance.

Change the countertop

Perhaps this is an aspect that will cost you some money, but if you choose the right model, and if your countertop screams for a change, it will be a investment of the most successful. What’s more, just by changing it you will see how the whole aspect of your kitchen is modified.

When choosing a new countertop, let yourself be advised by professionals and bet on resistant materials, that they are easy to clean and that they do not require a lot of work to maintain. Keep in mind that the kitchen is one of the rooms, along with the bathrooms, which more daily racking receives from the whole family.

Small changes with which you can renew your kitchen

What if you change the lighting?

New spotlights, points of light in corners that were a bit dark or new shades for the ceiling lamps. Change the lighting in your kitchen it doesn’t have to be so complicated. In addition, once you are in the job, you can recycle your old light bulbs for low consumption ones, so you will be making a good gesture to take care of the natural environment.

Leave the old behind

If your kitchen has become somewhat outdated, as far as decorative style is concerned, you can give it a somewhat more modern and trendy and, best of all, without doing construction or throwing away old tiles. So, renew the soil you currently have and opt for the microcement or vinyls (which imitate wood or tiles with hydraulic motifs) to reform this lower part without even having to lift it.

For the wall tiles you can do the same: paint them or place some chalkboard stickers that, in addition to giving a somewhat more informal touch to the kitchen, will serve as an improvised space to write down the shopping list.