Sign up to this website to unsubscribe from commercial calls

You’re in the middle of a nap or in a meeting and… ring! You get the typical business call. Stop receiving these annoying calls is possible by signing up for the Robinson List. Next, we are going to try to explain what it consists of and how you can do it.

The Robinson List is a free online registry where we can register if we want to stop receiving commercial calls, emails or SMS.

How can I join the Robinson List?

You simply have to enter the web and register. After registering as a user, we will receive an email with a password. Access the page again and go to ‘Access to the service’, where we will have to provide the data of those services to which we want to limit advertising: our telephone number, postal address or email address.

It is a service focused on excluding all types of personalized advertising, that is, advertising that a user receives addressed to their name.

If you already have a relationship with that entity

The Robinson List only works for entities that you have never had a relationship with. However, with those with whom you have had or have some type of contract or relationship, you have to call them directly to indicate your desire to stop receiving advertising.

However, the Robinson List website provides you with a search engine for entities to send them this request.

The Robinson List is effective 3 months after you have signed up.

Sign up to this website to unsubscribe from commercial calls Photo: bigstock

Agency of protection of data

According to the OCU, it is important that you keep all the emails you receive from the Robinson List confirming that you have unsubscribed as evidence before a complaint, in case you continue to receive commercial calls.

In that case, you can report to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. On their website you will find how to do it. You can also do it through a Consumer Office or a consumer organization.

If you do not want to be included in the Robinson List, you can try Google’s caller ID to find out whether or not the call you receive is commercial and in which case, to be able to answer or not.

Regulations on commercial calls

Entities will not be able to make commercial calls on holidays or weekends.

They must indicate at all times the identity of the seller and the commercial purpose.

Calls made from a hidden number, as well as automated systems, are prohibited.

In the case of receiving a commercial call, remember to make it clear that you do not want any information from that company or any offer, thus exercising your right to object.