Shower trays, which one to choose for comfort and safety?

It is an option that more and more people choose to have a larger bathroom area. accessible, comfortable and safe. The bathroom is one of the rooms most prone to slips and falls that can have bad consequences, especially in the case of older people.

If you have in mind replace the old bathtub with a shower, in addition to the aesthetic elements, a plate that guarantees maximum slip resistance It’s fundamental.

What types of shower trays are there and which one to choose?

You have countless models among which it is easy to «get lost». When choosing a shower tray, you have to take into account the shape (square, elongated or angled) that best suits the dimensions of your bathroom and also material and finish that the surface has, because the degree of adherence offered by the plate will depend on these two concepts. You currently have three basic types.

  • Ceramic plates. They are those of «all life.» This material is resistant to the passage of time and to the action of cleaning and cleaning products. It is somewhat cold to the touch with bare feet, and if you choose this option, check that the surface has some roughness that prevents accidental slipping in the shower. Including in yours safety elements, such as bars and handles, is a recommendation important that you should keep in mind.
  • Dishes in natural or artificial stone. Slate, marble, granite … these are elegant and exclusive dishes that perfectly decorate any bathroom. If you choose one of them, confirm that the surface has been treated to prevent slipping, especially in the case of natural stone dishes.
  • Resin plates. They are the most modern and combine safety and design well. They are generally made of synthetic resin combined with some type of mineral material. These dishes are treated with specific gels that increase both its resistance and its adhesion capacity. They are a good option especially if you opt for one that can be placed at the same level as the rest of the flooring, thus facilitating access to the shower even for people with reduced mobility.