Shower tips: this is how to wash

One of the habits we do daily to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of our body. However, if we opt for that daily shower, we must take into account a series of tips to do it correctly, especially in the case of older people.

Thus, in addition to having an adapted space which will be very useful as we get older (with handles, seats, walk-in shower, anti-slip flooring …) it doesn’t hurt to take into account a series of tips related to moment to wash up. It is not just about aesthetics or comfort, but it is about recommendations put in value even by the World Health Organization itself (@QUIEN).

Shower Tips: Here's How Seniors Should Wash

5 minutes is more than enough

Yes, you read it right. With just those minutes it will be more than enough to remove the dirt that we can have on the body or hair. This does not mean that one day we need extra relaxation after a hard day we stay a couple of minutes under the hot water stream; especially on the coldest days of winter.

Except for that circumstance, with those 5 minutes hygiene will be optimal. Even if that day we went to the gym or we had a nice spot fixing our motorcycle. But that time is not mainly due to skin issues, but exceeding that time for a daily shower is a more water wastage that can be avoided. Something that only less than 10% of Spaniards meet.

In the case of older people, we can take into account that it may last a little longer due to some mobility problems. But in any case, it is advisable not to exceed a quarter of an hour since the skin dehydrates more easily and that older person may experience a drop in blood pressure.

Along the same sustainable line, another of the tips concerns the use not too hot water. Thus, especially in those houses with the plumbing system somewhat obsolete, while the water runs so that it warms up. we are wasting water everywhere. The best thing in this case is to act with moderation and common sense. Thus, we can always take advantage of the water that is still cold to later water the plants or scrub the bathroom floor once we have finished showering.

In the case of older people, the issue of water temperature may be of greater importance. Thus, it is important that we pay special attention so that the tap gradually gains heat. avoiding sudden temperature contrasts at all times. In addition, the elderly have thinner and more delicate skin so they can burn easily.

A pleasant thermal environment that we will also extend to the rest of the bathroom. Therefore, the degrees in that bathroom must be adequate so that that person does not get cold when undressing or when drying off and putting on other clean clothes.

Shower Tips: Here's How Seniors Should Wash

And something more logical still: while we are lathering our body or hair, we will close the tap so that the water don’t keep running mindlessly down the drain. A moment in which we will also take advantage, in the case of the elderly, to take care of ourselves with natural gels and shampoos, soft and suitable for that delicate dermis. And no shower oils as they can cause the slightest slip that can end badly.

And after the shower?

Older people should pay special attention when showering. In this way, to ensure the correct hygiene of your entire body, when sponging (careful not to rub too much) with this soap one should not overlook areas such as the genitals, feet, folds of your skin (abdomen, thighs or arms), in addition to also reviewing the neck and ears (don’t forget to remove your hearing aid before entering the water). In the event that that person cannot reach those areas or you have mobility problems to raise their arms to lather their hair, it is always necessary to have extra help.

Once completely clean, we went to dry. In this sense, it is best to choose a towel that is soft and with which we gradually dry the water from our body with small touches to avoid scratches or discomfort in a skin that is too tight. It is important that not a single area of ​​your body remains undried; The moisture that accumulates will not be a good companion between the toes or skin folds as it can lead to cases of dermatitis or the appearance of fungi.

We can finish our daily shower by applying the usual body moisturizer to take care of the health and appearance of our skin and that it is always healthy and hydrated. The final touches come from the hand of a good nail fix (so that they are healthy) and a few drops of cologne or perfume, better on clothes to prevent the skin from drying out or the hair tending to turn yellow if we apply it to the hair.