Shipping of suitcases by Post Office, perfect for seniors

Carrying suitcases is one of the most tedious and expensive tasks when we go on a trip. Its weight and volume represent a problem for many older people who either have mobility problems, or simply lack the strength (and the will) to move so much luggage.

To face this problem, the Correos Group (@Post) has launched a service that already exists in other countries and that can be a good help when transferring luggage. The Equipaq24 of Correos Express “It allows you to get around baggage or security checks without complications, without fear of losing or registering your suitcase, saving time and waiting, avoiding long queues or additional arrival time at the station. Nor is it necessary to deal with unexpected baggage fees, because the backpack or suitcase exceeds the maximum set by the airline or transport company ”, they explain from the company.

What is this service about?

First of all you have to know that it is available for shipments in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands and that you can transfer up to 25 Kg. That is, if you take a plane to Mallorca or take a train to Santander, to give just two examples, you can not worry about carrying your luggage, because they pick it up at home and they deliver it to your destination.

This door-to-door service delivers luggage in 24 hours (on working days) in the Peninsula and in 48 hours in the Balearic Islands. “To guarantee total peace of mind for the traveler, the service allows knowing where the suitcases are at all times, facilitating their traceability. on-line. When the client returns from his holiday destination to his place of residence, he will also be able to process a new request for the service to avoid having to carry his suitcases “, they point out.

CEX delivery man

Post Group

Likewise, Correos Express facilitates access to complementary services, such as immediate location of the recipient, proactive incident management, second delivery attempt, confirmation of the same on the web and basic insurance in national shipments. In short, the key to the service is to offer the possibility of traveling lighter, without worries or unforeseen events, receiving the luggage at the time and place that is preferred.