Several ways to disinfect clothes effectively

Clothes are also full of germs and microorganisms, despite the fact that in general we are not so aware of this reality. Special care must be taken with kitchen towels, for example, which are full of them and inadvertently can rub against food and cause the transmission of bacteria and viruses, which sometimes trigger health disorders. Therefore, it is interesting learn to disinfect certain Garments that are more exposed to these elements or those that we consider necessary to undergo this process.

In the washing machine

As a first option we always have the washing machine, in which today you can also use specific products to disinfect clothes. In fact, you can use bleaches specially indicated for this use. In this case we will have to look at whether or not they admit color, but the most advisable thing is to do independent washing for both types of clothes, since they do not have the same characteristics.

So the procedure will be as always, only that to disinfect we have to look for high temperatures. White garments are usually washed at temperatures ranging between 60 and 90ºC, while colored garments tend to tolerate at most 30 and 40ºC. All this we will have to check previously on the garment label. Then you will have to add the normal detergent that you normally use to wash clothes. Normally, washing machines have a space to be able to introduce additional substances in addition to this. You will have to look for it and then add the amount of bleach that is indicated according to the load of the machine. Chlorine bleach is usually used for white garments, but for the colored ones there are specific products that we must use for these specific cases.

After you have chosen the corresponding program and once it has finished, Ideally, you should shop abroad in a place where, if possible, there is sun (only in the case of whites, since colored clothes can be discolored by this).

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Boiling water

This is undoubtedly the most comfortable method, but if it does not convince us at all, we can always resort to more classic systems. One of them consists of hand wash the garment that we want to disinfect. To do this, we will use a detergent designed for this purpose, which can be powder or liquid, depending on our preferences. After clarifying it well you have to introduce it in a bowl of boiling water, being the most advisable a pot or saucepan. Here you keep it for about 30 minutes. Then you wash it again, only this time in a more exhaustive way and for a longer time, you will also have to use an item that contains disinfectant, a bleach for white or color. Then you just have to let it dry in a cool and airy place.

With this system you have to be careful, because not all fabrics admit such a high temperature like what boiled water reaches. Again you will have to look at the labels.

Other products

Instead of bleach or chlorine, then use other products, such as white vinegar. This can also be used on colored garments. You will have to look in the washing machine for the highest temperature option that this one supports, and select it. Along with the detergent, in the corresponding section, you must add a couple of cups of white vinegar. After finishing you should always lay out in the open air. Instead of vinegar, it is recommended to also use a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil in the washing machine itself, as they have disinfectant qualities and will give your clothes a pleasant aroma.

Disinfect clothes

Bleach and alternatives

Another classic method is to soak everything that we want to disinfect well in bleach, after we have previously washed it, already manually in the machine. In these cases, it is enough take a bowl, fill it with cold water and then add the proportional amount of bleach. Here we will have to leave it for about 15 minutes or half an hour If they are garments that need greater disinfection due to the use you give them, but in no case should they exceed 45 minutes.

Then you have to rinse well in hot water to remove all traces of the disinfectant substance. Finally, you have to put them in the washing machine with the right program to end up removing all traces of bleach.

There are also other alternatives to this, such as mixing hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate, but you have to know prepare the two ingredients well. You have to mix them correctly (half a glass of hydrogen peroxide and three tablespoons of bicarbonate) with water. After having previously washed the clothes, you can place them in this preparation for at least 20 to 30 minutes. You will have to be aware if they are delicate or colored garments, so that they do not lose their qualities. Then rinse them well in cold water and, as in the previous cases, look for a place outside so that they can breathe well and dry free of germs.