Seven plants whose medicinal uses help our health

A most natural remedy to sleep peacefully, calm down in stressful situations or fight stomach pains. We refer to healthy properties than many medicinal plants have on our body. We talk about the Phytotherapy, the use of plants and products of plant origin for the prevention, cure or relief of symptoms related to some ailments or diseases.

As pointed out by Concha Navarro, professor at the University of Granada and president of the Center for Research on Phytotherapy (INFITO), today phytotherapy has increased its consumption and is widely useful in the health field. That is, in the prevention and treatment of some health disorders.

Thus, as a remedy for some discomforts, these natural uses of plants can be taken into account, as the European Medicines Agency recalls, but always informing our doctor in advance of the convenience or contraindications that each plant may have.

Well known medicinal herbs and plants

When we have gone through family celebrations and have eaten and drunk excessively, these specialists recommend taking some pharmaceutical preparations based on artichoke or milk thistle. An effective formula to purify and cleanse our body of toxins.

But this help is useless if it is not accompanied by good daily hydration and a reduction in foods rich in sugars.

Everyone knows the properties of a plant such as the aloe vera. Thus, in the form of a gel with topical use, it acts on our skin as a perfect wound healing and moisturizing remedy, irritations or scars that we have. If, on the other hand, the administration is done orally, another of its powerful properties, such as magnificent laxative.

Aloe vera, one of the plants with medicinal uses (bigstock)

Medicine cabinet classics

The use of another plant such as chamomile it is also very widespread in our particular natural medicine cabinet. And it is that we usually resort to it when we feel pain in the gut, in addition to being a home remedy for situations in which we are nervous. Chamomile helps us calm down.

A soothing action that is repeated in two other plants, such as the lavender, and its characteristic smell that invites us to relax, and the passionflower, ingredient of delicious infusions to be able to fall asleep in a peaceful way.

Pain in the muscles

If, on the contrary, our ailment manifests itself in the form of muscle pain, bumps, or bruises, ointments and creams made from arnica they are a good natural remedy to calm that joint discomfort.