Returns of online purchases, what is required of «online» businesses?

Make purchases on-line it’s very comfortable. We don’t have to move from home and in a few days we will have the requested items. This is one of its advantages, or not having to wait in endless lines to pay. It is true that with the internet, personalized attention is lost and another setback that may arise is that of returns. What requirements do they have to meet and what guarantees do businesses have to offer? on-line to users?

Read well

As a user before making a purchase on-line It is recommended that we read well what the return policy is. This must come indicated somewhere on the page, generally together with the privacy policy. In this section, all possible forms of return must be explained in detail, whether or not shipping costs are charged, and how to proceed in general. It is usually a section with a structure of frequently asked questions, although this is not always the case.

As soon as we receive the package we have to keep the receipt and the self-adhesive label that is attached in some shops. Sometimes it is incorporated a return form to be filled out. We therefore have to be attentive to all these documents. Acknowledgment of receipt or confirmation of shipment of the product is mandatory for stores on-line that they always have to send it. This you can receive it via email or next to what you have purchased.

Online shopping

14 calendar days

Once the item reaches you You have 14 calendar days to return it without any justification. This is called the right of withdrawal. They have to refund the money in full in a period of 14 days also once received by them. What’s more, the amount of the shipment it should run on your own too.

If this specification of the 14 calendar days does not appear, you can put a sanction, extending the return period to twelve months, as explained by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU @consumers).

The guarantees work the same as in conventional stores, that is, two years, and if there is a defect, the manufacturer is responsible for replacing the device or fixing it.

The law states exceptions regarding money refunds. This is the case with newspapers, magazines, video games, music, video, personalized products, food or items that expire quickly.