Requirements of a shopping cart for seniors

The traditional shopping carts, which for years were somewhat forgotten, have returned with force, because they are truly practical when it comes to going to the market or a large area and taking the purchase with you in the most comfortable way.

It is important to remember, as does the Spanish Vertebral Column Society (@societycolumn), that lifting or carrying weight improperly can be the cause of multiple pathologies related to the back, from low back pain. even serious neck pain.

Returning from the purchase, with a couple of bags in each hand, well loaded (without realizing it we are adding kilos), it is not at all advisable. A cart that allows you to carry the different food products, well distributed and placed, without great effort, and that also contributes to caring for the environment, saving plastics, is an option to consider.

Shopping cart

What to look for when choosing a car that suits your needs?

You have a multitude of models to choose from, with very different features, qualities and prices and it is convenient to know the details that make some of them more recommended for older adults, taking into account, above all, its lightness and capacity for easy movement (for example when saving an obstacle such as a ladder). If you plan to purchase a car for your purchases, observe some important aspects such as:

  • Ability. The ideal will always depend on your own needs and you should try to adjust it to what you really usually buy weekly. A capacity around 40 kilos / liters is usually more than enough.
  • Weight. It is important to pay attention to materials manufacturing. Choose a light car (if you can hardly handle it empty, imagine it full). Ideally, its structure is made of aluminum and that the fabric is resistant but not heavy, breathable and anti-humidity (in case it rains).
  • Wheels. Especially important for the elderly. You have two-, four- and six-wheeled carts. Discard the two, because handling them costs more. Those of four are good because you can use only two of them, when it is empty, and the total when it is loaded. At least a couple must be rotating to promote easy movement. Check that the wheels of your stroller are made of metal and not plastic (they break more easily).
  • Thermal bag and pockets. If you usually buy frozen or fresh products, choose a cart that has specific compartments to carry them. The interior and exterior pockets are always good to carry cans, bottles, cleaning products …
  • Ease of storage. Finally, think about where you will put the cart when you are not going to use it. A folding one, at least in part, will take up little space and you can store it anywhere without it being a problem.