Renovate and Paint Bathroom Tiles: Don’t Forget These Basic Tips

A few years have passed and it is time to give a new air to the bathroom. In this case, it is not necessary to undertake major renovations to completely change the appearance of the toilet. With a few small adjustments and some good decorating ideas, you can achieve a most surprising result.

For example, in the case of tiles, you can paint them and modify their color. It will appear that you have completely changed the room. But, before you do, remember these previous advice that will come in handy for you.

What type of paint will you need?

Before going to work, the logical thing is to think about the type of paint that best suits not only ceramic tiles, but also a room in the house that supports the daily traffic of so many people and where water and humidity they are leading elements. So these are the options in this case:

  • Use a special enamel to paint tiles. A product that is applied directly and with different finishes both in shades and in appearance, which can be matte and gloss. The downside is that these types of paintings are usually More expensive, so if your bathroom is large and you don’t have a lot of budget, it may not be the most suitable option.
  • Use epoxy paint, a type of resin that works very well thanks to its strength and durability, a point in its favor if you take into account the times you use the bathroom on a daily basis. However, there is a catch, you must be very careful when mixing all its components and use it just when doing it, since after about 8 hours this solution it will no longer be of any use.
  • But, without a doubt, the cheapest and simplest option, if you are not a professional, is to first apply a layer of primer and then paint above. One last note about these types of products: choose a finish that is waterproof and you will have new tiles for much longer.

Also, when you return from the store with the paint you have chosen, don’t use it right away. You must first follow other recommendations if you want the result to be a true DIY professional.

If you want to renew and paint tiles, do not forget these previous tips

Previous advice before taking the roller or brush

You can’t pick up the paint roller without first clean the surface well it will change color. Therefore, do not forget to give a good review of all the walls of the toilet. Not only to remove dirt, but to remove all traces of grease, silicone and lime. If a stain resists or is very stuck, you can carefully use a spatula and rub with acetone.

When you are done with cleaning, it is best to wipe with a clean, dry cloth to avoid drop marks. Then, ventilate the room so that the moisture dries well before proceeding with the task. Take this moment to take a look at the boards of those ceramic pieces. Most likely, it will be necessary to repair them with some putty, in case there is some defect and they are black as a consequence of mold and humidity after so many years.

As it is likely that, due to some carelessness, a drop of paint falls where it should not, it is important protect all those furniture, toilets or areas that you don’t want them to get stained. The same as switches, sockets and taps. Use paper or plastic for this, as well as masking tape.

In your case, wear old clothes that you are not afraid to spoil and protect your hands with gloves and the eyes with special glasses. If, in addition, you have respiratory problems, it would not hurt to use a mask.

If you want to renew and paint tiles, do not forget these previous tips

Now yes, to paint

All ready? Well now comes the crucial moment, start painting the tiles. But before doing so make sure you have read the manufacturer’s instructions of said plastic element, to know the exact amount you will use, the layers necessary for the finish to be perfect or the drying time between one and the other.

While you are painting, and some time after, have open all doors and windows possible to renew the air, due to the strong odor that many of the toxic elements of these paints give off.

Now yes, impregnate the roller with paint and start to give a coat from top to bottom trying to cover everything as evenly as possible. For smaller or more delicate areas, it is better to use a paintbrush or smaller brush. As he will put you in the indications of the product, to make it look better it is good to give a couple of layers of paint with its corresponding drying time.

Finally, wait a few days to use the bathroom, because although it may seem dry at first, the first coat of paint may still be a bit damp and flaws appear with the drops of water that you splash onto the tile.

And if, despite these tips, you prefer to do everything faster, we give you another idea to renew your toilet: use vinyl or decorative PVC tiles to completely change your appearance. It is a very resistant and long-lasting material that will not only give a new look to the decoration, but will also serve to cover and camouflage possible damage or tiles that have broken over time.