Remove stains from your mattress with these tricks

We are often not aware of the importance to our health of keep our mattress clean. The hygiene of this household object is essential to keep away the millions of Mites, bacteria Y mushrooms that can infect it, negatively affecting our Health.

Between the routine practices maintenance that we must perform, it is possible to distinguish between those that we must carry out daily: open the windows before making the bed, ventilate the room for at least two hours and make the bed shaking sheets and pillows; weekly: change the sheets and, if any, remove stains from the mattress surface; and monthly: sanitize the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. All these practices will help us to maintain a much cleaner and healthier rest space.

Regarding the issue of stains, we are going to indicate below which are the natural products and how to use them for each type of stain. First of all, it should be remembered that carry out this task in the morning, to let the mattress dry throughout the day with the room well ventilated.

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Natural medicine

For the yellow sweat stains, the ideal is to use White vinegar. We must introduce the vinegar in a bottle with a spray bottle and spray on stains, leaving it to act for about five minutes. Then we must sprinkle baking soda above and wait for the mixture to dry. Finally, we must remove product residue with a vacuum cleaner. Remember that the strong vinegar smell disappears after a few hours.

For the urine stains, the most effective product is baking soda. The equivalent of a cup full of baking soda with a little water should be placed on the stained area. Then you have to cover the mattress with a plastic large and leave for about 6-8 hours. After that time, we remove the plastic and vacuum the bicarbonate.

Precisely, the baking soda It is also very effective for humidity stains, since it has antibacterial properties. In this case, you have to add 250 grams of bicarbonate in a container and 5 drops of tea tree essential oil (that you will find in any herbalism), a powerful natural disinfectant. We spread the mixture on the mattress and we let it act for an hour. We can enhance the action of bicarbonate by mixing it with hydrogen peroxide. In the end, we remove the remains of dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Finally, when the stain it is of blood, it is best in these cases to use a bleach such as peroxide. We soak a cloth with this product, rub on the stain for a few minutes and let it dry.

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