Reforestation projects in Spain: how to participate in one

Reforestation consists of repopulating a territory with trees that previously possessed them and that, at present, no longer exist for various reasons. As is well known, trees contribute an important role in the environmentThey provide oxygen, help with water conservation, decrease soil erosion and are the habitat of a wide variety of species.

Regarding this practice there are controversies, as there are those who assure that preparing the land for planting can erode the soil, interrupt the hydrological cycle and decrease its fertility by losing nutrients. However, experts defend this option by ensuring that if the appropriate machinery is used and efficient and environmentally friendly techniques are used, this does not have to happen.

On the other hand, there are studies that have found that reforestations and good forest management could lead to cut by 2030 about 11.3 billion tons of the CO2 emissions on the planet every year.


Local reforestation

Apart from the diverse positions and investigations in this regard, in Spain there are various projects dedicated to reforestation and in which citizens can participate. One of them is the one that has launched the startup of sustainable accessories One Oak. Specifically, this company leads five reforestation projects and this year it has been proposed to reforest a total of 15,000 native trees in our country, which are added to the 12,000 that it has already planted, mainly in Galicia after the fires of 2017.

The autonomous communities in which they will work are Galicia, the Valencian Community, Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia. To develop their plans they have the help of forestry experts, neighbors, local authorities, clients and the employees themselves. “Our purpose is inspire large numbers of people so that, together, we promote a great change that improves the health of the planet, and we have found in sustainable fashion a close and fun platform to do so ”, says Guillermo Íñiguez, co-founder of One Oak.

In each of these programs, interested persons can participate in reforestation. For example, only in the Calafell project, in Catalonia, 25,000 people have been involved to collaborate in the planting of 5,000 native trees, including oak, carob or Aleppo pine.

Both in this and in the other four reforestation programs, the objective is to alleviate a local environmental problem. This may be related to damage after a forest fire, air pollution or erosion, desertification or deforestation of the land. Each and every one of them seeks as a final mission to fight against climate change.

In addition to participating in some of the reforestations, this company offers the possibility of collaborate with them through the action “We plant your tree”. For this you have to make a buy in your store. At the end, they will ask you in which project you want to participate, choose a name for your tree (it can be as many as items you purchase) and when they plant it they will send you a photo.

Spain is full of numerous monumental trees

Plantations in the Sierra de Guadarrama

Reforest (@AReforesta) is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 and focuses on actions aimed at sustainable development. They have different programs, but between their performances prioritize the recovery of vegetation. Its main objectives are to end desertification, preventing land and forest degradation from occurring.

Among the actions they have carried out, for example, the plantations they have carried out in various parts of the Sierra de Guadarrama in Madrid stand out. Total, 12,000 trees with the collaboration of volunteers, various companies and the Community of Madrid, which provides the land. These trees allow the regeneration of native vegetation in bare areas, such as La Pedriza. In the same way, help increase species diversity in the pine forests, planting holm oaks, sloes, junipers, rose hips, strawberry trees, hawthorn trees, wild apple trees, oaks and other species.

This organization offers several ways to collaborate. You can make donations, be a member of it through an annual contribution, give a tree or just help out as a volunteer.

A program with ambassadors

Plant for the Planet Spain (@PlanetSpain) is part of an international initiative with the same name, which emerged in Germany in 2007 at the hands of its founder Felix Feinkbeiner, a nine year old boy back then. It is currently in 71 countries. Its main mission is to develop a network of Ambassadors for Climate Justice in Spain formed by children and adolescents. Also help plant as many trees as possible.

They have projects throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Andorra, including reforestation and the creation of academies and plantations with children and citizens of the municipalities that are selected. Similarly, you can collaborate with them through donations or as a volunteer participating in its various activities.