Recover the white of your garden furniture

Both chairs like white plastic tables that are usually kept in the garden tend to get dirty easily. They quickly take on a worn appearance and the white turns into a gray that gives the furniture an old-fashioned appearance, when maybe we bought it a short time ago. There are some tricks to restore shine lost for which we will have to use cleaning materials similar to those we use to clean windows and other household utensils.

Better prevent

First of all it is important to be cautious. If we already know what usually happens with this furniture, the best we can do is adopt measures so that later we do not have to spend a lot of time restoring its original appearance. Ideally, when the winter season arrives we keep them in a protected place inside the house whenever possible. In the event that this option is not possible, then it is convenient that we cover them well. The simple made of being out in the open It damages the material from which they are made, and it is what will cause that when we want to use them again we have to clean them with greater or less intensity.

To cover them you can buy plastic tarps that you will find in specialized stores. You just have to cover them well and use strings to hold the wrapping plastic.

How to recover the white

Even so, sure that when you uncover them you will have to give them a review. To clean white garden furniture you can use a very inexpensive method, which only consists of preparing a basin with warm water and white vinegar for cleaning, a very useful product when you have to remove very encrusted dirt or grease.

Then, with a sponge or lullabies you will have to rub until the desired white is obtained. You should rinse with cold water (you can take advantage of the hose if you have it at hand) and finally dry with a cloth.

Instead of this preparation with vinegar, you can use green stone. In this case, the ideal is to take the lullabies, dip them slightly in warm water and then smear the same scouring pad in the wax. Then you will have to do the same as in the previous case: rub and rinse until get all the dirt out.

Yet another option is to use ammonia diluted in not very hot water and a little detergent (the dishwasher is good for us). This mixture is very effective when there is a lot of dirt or grease.

In all cases, it is recommended that wear gloves to protect your hands from excessive humidity and chemical agents, especially if you opt for ammonia.