Radio stations to listen to the best classics in the history of music

If you miss the best music classics, there are now a wide variety of radio stations to listen to them. On the one hand, there are still old stations that delight us with them, but at the same time a large number of options have emerged on the internet, where it is possible to hear those songs of the memory with hardly any publicity on many occasions. These are some of them.

40 Classic

The 40 Classic It is one of the most popular radios in Spain to listen to classics from the history of music forever. Actually since 2018 it is the substitute for the famous M80 Radio. It belongs to Prisa Radio, and maintaining the philosophy of the station it has replaced, it reviews the national and international successes since the 1980s. Its broadcasts began on November 2, 2018, on the M80 Radio and Máxima FM dials, supplanting both stations.

This radio has had a great importance in the Spanish music scene. It began broadcasting as Radio 80 (Cadena 80) in 1981, being its majority shareholder Edica (Editorial Católica) and its first director Luis Ángel de la Viuda. In 1983, it was acquired by Antena 3 Radio and began to be called Radio 80 Gold Series, and this is when it became a musical radio formula specialized in oldies. In 1993, when Grupo Prisa entered Antena 3, it merged with Radio Minuto, giving origin to M80 Gold Series. A year later, in 1994 it was finally renamed M80 Radio.

Radios to listen to classics

Kiss FM

Kiss FM is a Spanish radio station belonging to the Kiss Media Group. It’s based on a musical radio formula programming. It has several programs and spaces in which to listen to different styles, but the time they dedicate to the classics of the 80s with a special program stands out.

As a distinguishing feature, it should be noted that is the only Spanish music station with its own newsroom writing. Every 30 minutes (from 7 to 10 in the morning) and every hour (from 10 in the morning onwards), they offer 90-second bulletins with the latest news of the day. In addition, information about the weather, traffic conditions, etc. is offered throughout the program.

Hit Radio 80

Hit Radio 80 is an online radio that broadcasts music from the 80s and 90s mainly. Its creators assure that they are a station designed for Generation X, that is, for those who were born in the 70s and lived their adolescence and youth in the two subsequent decades.

Through this digital formula you can listen to classics of these years in both English and Spanish or another language. Without interference and from anywhere in the world. Sometimes include themes from the 70s too, and they focus on all kinds of styles. From disco songs to pop songs or the many ballads of the time. They complete their musical offer with a blog in which they provide additional information about songs that made history, music videos, playlists and other memories.

Elton on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by Sam Emerson

1000 Hits 80s

1000 Hits 80s focuses exclusively on songs from the 80s. It is literally a “radio of the 80s”. They only program the best hits of what is considered one of the most important musical decades. Elton John classics can be heard, Queen or Michael Jackson, or also to the Italian classics of the time such as David Lyme, Brian Ice, Silver Pozzoli or Miko Mission, among others.

The Mix Radio 80s

In the same wave as the previous one it is The Mix Radio 80s, which is only dedicated to the 1980s. It has, like most, a free application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store. Is about an independent radio that is also listened to all over the world and has no advertising.


KickRadio 80s & 90s Hits, only broadcast online, live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Offers different mix retro from the 80s and 90s, and a wide variety of themes. All kinds of styles are mixed: Pop, Rock, Disco, Alternative and Retro. Besides listening to it online too It has its own application in case we want to listen to music on our mobile.

Michael Jackson.  Cover of the album 'Bad'

The mega hits

The mega hits is also an online radio, where you can listen to varied music from the 70s to the present. The great artists of always like Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin or the Beatles, along with rock and roll, pop, rock, ballads or disco.

They started working in 2009 and emit with radionomy, a free Belgian platform for online station creation, transmission and listening. That is why it can only be heard from Spain and the rest of the countries of the European Union, but outside of these it is not possible.


The architects of this virtual radio Radio 80s.clThey claim to be lovers of current music, but also of yesterday’s. That is why they consider themselves to be passionate about the songs that “made them vibrate and that are linked to memory”. In their broadcasts they incorporate, throughout 24 hours a day, hits from two decades, among which we find classics from Cindy Lauper or The Police, to Madonna, Duran Duran, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, and so on.