Problems with your neighbor? This is the procedure if you want to report it

The disputes between neighbors they can be something normal within living together in a block of flats. Situations that, except for a few occasions, do not go beyond the occasional word or comment. However, those annoyances caused may lead to more serious moments, in which you even consider the possibility of report that other resident of your building. Especially if you have already caught their attention on some occasion and the problem continues.

A formal complaint that you can make whether you are the owner of the apartment or the tenant, if the house is rented. Namely, anyone who is affected Due to this neighborhood problem, you can take action on it. But what is the best way to solve this conflict?

Problems with your neighbor?  This is the procedure in case you want to report it

Situations that give rise to neighborhood clashes

One of the most common annoyances that causes more altercations between neighbors are the noises. That person who puts the music too loud at night, a dog that does not stop barking every time he is left alone at home or works that start too early, even on the weekend, among other situations.

In these cases, there is a municipal ordinance, different in each city, which regulates everything that has to do not only with schedules and noise, as explained by the Legálitas experts (@Legalitas_ES), but also with those rules of coexistence and behavior. A volume limit that must above all be respected for ensure night’s rest.

But the thing does not end here, since there are another series of situations that cause this type of confrontation. This is what happens when a improper use of common areas that can hurt or annoy you. For example, if a dog stains the portal and its owner does not clean it, the pool hours are not respected or if that neighbor’s car continuously interrupts the step to your garage space.

This last point also triggers the occasional collision in the neighborhood when a resident does not park where he should. For example, if your car protrudes from the marked line and enters the adjoining space that belongs to you. Things can get more serious if, after several warnings, the other person does not give up their attitude.

Other reasons for reporting your neighbor is religiously not paying community cost sharing, which results in the appearance of defaulters. Neighbors who are not up to date with the required payments and, as a consequence, a situation of mismatch in farm bank accounts.

Finally, if a person performs modifications to the facade without asking permission to the rest of the block this can be the subject of a complaint. But not only because of that fact, but because of the disorders that, for example, can cause you the noises and dirt of those «illegal» works.

Problems with your neighbor?  This is the procedure in case you want to report it

How to report your neighbor?

If the warnings and the attempt at friendly communication have failed, you may seriously consider reporting your neighbor. You can do it, but first you must be sure that you are committing an irregularity for which it may be administratively sanctioned. For example, if the problem is due to noise, you can check the noise volume using a mobile device or using a acoustic expert that confirms that there is a lack of coexistence.

With these data, you can go to a local police station to report those actions that bother you. Once it is filed, the agents go to the residence of the conflictive neighbor to speak with him and check if the reported events are real. If so, proceed to initiate a sanctioning file for that lack of the municipal ordinance.

However, if after paying the fine, that resident continues to cause problems, you can file a judicial claim by civil way. In this case, it would not hurt if you had the help and advice of a lawyer. .

On many of these occasions, the accusation is made anonymously for fear of suffering possible retaliation. However, for the complaint to be successful, in most cases all your data as a complainant. A way to rule out that it is not a false alarm or a joke in bad taste.

But before all this, and so that the coexistence with that neighbor does not deteriorate completely, you can always resort to arbitration or mediation to resolve the conflict. In some autonomous communities, such as Catalonia, there is this figure, which is an alternative to the judicial solution. A way of save both time and costs to all parties.