Problems of humidity in the facade of the house? We give you the solution

The humidity It is one of the most frequent problems in the facades of buildings and homes. And it is that this accumulation of water affects not only the maintenance of these walls, but if it is not remedied in time, it can be a serious inconvenience that can weaken the structure and stability of said property.

In the event that you live in a block of buildings and the problem has moved to the facade of the house, you must report the incident to the Community of owners for them to ask for professional help to fix it. If, on the contrary, dampness has appeared in your single-family home or in your country house, you should pay attention to these recommendations.

How do these dampness appear?

Nobody doubts that when the house was built, the appropriate measures and the necessary materials were applied to guarantee the waterproofing of your home. However the pass of the time, a improper maintenance and insufficient or problems in construction can cause water to accumulate on those walls leading to annoying dampness. Water can leak out due to:

  • Existence of cracks or fissures in the walls.
  • Deficient thermal insulation material or already deteriorated over the years.
  • Failure in the facilities that can cause water to accumulate.

Therefore, it is best leave the solution to professionals so that they check the state of the façade and determine the most optimal solution in each case.

Professional solutions

In the case of a recently built work, during it it is essential that you make sure that the specific techniques and materials are applied to protect yourself from inclement weather where that house is located.

If it is a problem that has arisen over the decades, what a professional will do is heal these cracks and apply a special paste, in addition to using a waterproofing treatment all over the facade. But that does not end here, since they advise that every 5 or 10 years that layer of insulation is renewed so that the house is completely protected against adverse weather conditions or other types of leaks that may occur in this regard.

Waterproofing of the facade to avoid humidity (bigstock)

When choosing these insulating materials, paints are sometimes used to renew the external appearance of these walls, especially when it comes to brick facades. These paintings can come off with the passage of time if the façade is highly exposed to the elements; therefore, it is best to choose those products that withstand extreme climates. In this way, they will only have to be renewed approximately every 15 years.