Possible reasons why your dog urinates at home

One of the most common problems when including a dog in the family nucleus is controlling its urination inside the home. The most normal thing is to teach him from a young age to relieve themselves in the street, however, these lessons are sometimes not entirely efficient or there are other hidden motives that push the animal to urinate at home.

Whatever the reason, you should not see your anger or frustration about your pet, the most important thing to solve the situation is know the factors behind of said behavior, which will also make it easier to determine the appropriate measures. Under this premise, what can be the causes that motivate your dog to urinate at home?


On many occasions, especially if the dog is adopted or has bad separation and loneliness, this performance is due to the state of anxiety in which the animal is. Therefore, it is essential not to punish or scold him every time he does it, he thinks it is a consequence of your own emotions or traumas from the past.

Also, if you have adopted it a few weeks ago, keep in mind that it has been following a totally different routine for years, so you can continue doing it until it suits your schedule. If you can’t, you can always ask a professional canine trainer for help.

Bad Education

Although it may seem simple, not all people know how to properly educate their pets or, at least, they do not make it clear that it is not possible to urinate inside the house. To do this, you just have to scold him in the same instant in that I do it, reward you when you relieve yourself on the street and always follow the same walking routines.

Possible reasons why your dog urinates at home

Draw attention

However, sometimes those unexpected urinations can also be a simple wake-up call. Good because the dog is bored, because you focus more on other things or because you notice that you are about to leave and wants to avoid it. Dogs are intelligent creatures that sometimes resort to «manipulation» to achieve their wishes.

Insufficient walks

The rhythm of life to which we are sometimes subjected forces us to reduce the time we spend walking our dog, which can cause it to be dissatisfied in this regard. Experts recommend taking it out three times a day, As minimum, for 30-45 minutes.

Medical problems

Incontinence or urinary infection, kidney problems, diabetes, bladder stones or cognitive dysfunction syndrome are some of the ailments that can affect the health of your pet and that directly influence their urination. If your dog he is old, is sterilized and suffers such losses when you are relaxed and awake (In addition to ruling out the above reasons), it is possible that it is a disease that requires the attention of a specialist. These are usually relieved with a Pharmacotherapy.