Places to have a picnic again (like when we were children) in Bilbao

In recent years, the capital of Biscay no longer has anything to do with that industrial landscape that was its hallmark in the 80s. The modernization and remodeling of the Basque city also reaches its hotels, where there are many selected cafes where you can have a good afternoon snack with the best of sweet gastronomy. Take a look at these that we propose.

Kikarea Coffe & Bakery

English pastries are one of the most famous internationally and on Perez Galdós street in Bilbao it has a very special corner. Its owner, half Basque, half british, has wanted to move us to the best of that typical gastronomy in the form of Scones with butter and jam, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies … The list is as long as it is appetizing.

But if you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t despair. On Kikarea Coffe & Bakery they have something very special for you in the form of sandwiches and wraps with a multitude of flavors and ingredients. You are missing something, right? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about authentic english teas. Another thing is that you choose to choose one from the large number they offer. The best places to have a snack in Bilbao

Mommy Lou’s Linden

The paradise of sweets. And not only because of what we can contemplate through the showcases of its counter but also in the decoration so to the taste of an authentic French cafe. We are in Mommy Lou’s Linden, the temple to eat cupcakes in the city. And all without leaving the famous old part of Bilbao.

This charming establishment is located looking at the Arriaga Theater in a 50’s atmosphere where it is a pleasure to eat a piece of their homemade cakes, cakes or their cupcakes of thousands of colors accompanied by an extensive menu of coffees, teas, smoothies, smoothies and even beers. To taste the colors in this snack.

The best places to have a snack in Bilbao

Bihotz Cafe

We continue with the beer lovers. Well, each one accompanies their snack as they want … Very close to the Marzana dock we have this place of worship of the most coffee growers. On Bihotz Cafe you can enjoy a quiet chat in the middle of the afternoon, their sofas invite you to it, between homemade sweets and all kinds of sandwiches when hunger strikes in the middle of the afternoon.

The best places to have a snack in Bilbao