Places in Spain to see the tears of San Lorenzo

In summer there are a thousand and one activities to enjoy free time. Some of them need equipment, preparation, etc. but on the other hand there are others that, due to their simplicity, spontaneity and duration, arouse interest year after year. In this category we can find the famous Tears of Saint Lawrence or Perseids.

This astronomical phenomenon owes its origin to Swift-Tuttle kite, which crosses each pipe the orbit of the Earth with thousands of meteors detaching from it. It is these meteors that collide with our atmosphere at a speed of up to 210,000 km / h and reach 5,000º C, producing the famous flashes that we see at night.

Where to see the Perseids or

In ancient times this event was called Perseids, because it occurred in the radiant of the Constellation of Perseus, but later they were called Tears of San Lorenzo when associating the sparkles with the tears that this saint shed when he was burned on a grill.

This astronomical phenomenon can be seen in full swing every August between 10 and 13 (They can exceed 100 an hour), although already from July 17 the famous tears begin to be seen, which usually last until August 24.

If this year you dare to spend some time in heaven, you should know that not all places are optimal to contemplate this phenomenon. Here we detail the best conditions:

  • Places away from cities, dark or with little light pollution.
  • Clear places to see the sky perfectly.
  • To see the best days to see the Perseids, also check the phase of the moon.


Any mountain, field or road away from the city will be a good place, but in each community there are some that stand out for improving this show:

  • Andalusia: Sierra Nevada.
  • Aragon: Sierra y Cañones de Guara Park.
  • Asturias: Lakes of Covadonga.
  • Cantabria: Valderribe.
  • Castile and Leon: Sierra de Gredos.
  • Castilla la Mancha: Sierra de Albarracín.
  • Catalonia: Montseny Park.
  • Valencian Community: Los Serranos region.
  • Estremadura: Monfragüe Park.
  • Galicia: Forcarei Observatory.
  • Balearic Islands: Puig Major.
  • Canary Islands: Teide Natural Park.
  • The Rioja: Vineyards
  • Madrid: La Pedriza.
  • Navarre: Foz de Arbayún.
  • Murcia: Castle of Lorca.
  • Basque Country: Garaio Park.