Pesetas for which they could pay you up to 20,000 euros

Although pesetas stopped being used in 2002, the Bank of Spain (@BancoDeEspana) estimates that the Spanish still have more than 1.7 billion euros of the old currency in their possession national without exchange, which is equivalent to 275,210 million pesetas, which have until December 31 to exchange them legally or not. According to the data on the web Foronum Y All Collection Which collects ABC, the old pesetas can be a real treasure for collectors, for which you could pay up to 20.00 euros per piece.

Pesetas for which they could pay you up to 20,000 euros

The list of the 10 most valuable old pesetas

  1. Peseta 1987 E-87. Minted on the occasion of the III National Exhibition of Numismatics. Collectors usually pay around 45 euros for it.
  2. 100 Pesetas 1983. The mythical “20 duros” are represented by this golden 1983 coin, valued at 55 euros.
  3. 50 Pesetas 1984. Before the new monetary system was established in 1990, huge coins of 50 pesetas circulated, already reaching the value of 60 or 70 euros.
  4. 25 Pesetas 1995. It is the mythical “five duros” coin with a hole in its center, dedicated each year to an Autonomous Community. Collectors pay about 100 euros for it today.
  5. 100 Pesetas 1966. These large silver coins were manufactured in 1966, although the 69 are the most expensive, costing 145 euros. There is a variant that has the 9 straight stick and that already reaches 400 euros.
  6. 5 Pesetas 1975 (Reverse of the 82 World Cup). It is one of the most highly valued, because they were manufactured on the occasion of the 1982 World Cup, although there was an error and in some it appears in 1975. Collectors pay between 350 and 400 euros.
  7. 50 Cents 1949 E-51. Although they are less remembered, these coins also have a hole in the center. In 1965 they stopped being minted, but in 1951 a limited number was manufactured on the occasion of the II National Exhibition of Numismatics and “E-51” was engraved on them. They currently have a value of 500 euros.
  8. 1 Peseta 1947. This year the first coins with the effigy of Franco appeared and became popularly known as “blondes”. Today they can be sold for up to 1,400 euros, depending on the state of conservation.
  9. 2,5 Pesetas 1953. It is a difficult task to find this coin, so people who have one in good condition can pocket up to 1,700 euros.
  10. 5 Pesetas 1949. The famous duros were minted until 1952. The rise in price of nickel caused speculation to grow and it had to be withdrawn from circulation. They can cost between 12,000 and 20,000 euros.
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They will stop changing in 2020

The Spanish Government set the period of coexistence for both currencies, since January 1, 2002, when the euro began to circulate in the pocket of the Spaniards, until March 31 of the same year, and, from then until the following June 30, established a period for the exchange of coins and banknotes in pesetas in bank offices. As of July 1 of that year, Spaniards have to go to the Bank of Spain if they still keep the old national currency.

The Banco de España will definitively stop changing pesetas to euros on December 31, 2020Therefore, the Spanish still have four years to return the 273,039 million of the old national currency and get the 1,641 million euros that are worth today.

The issuing bank estimated that 45% of the coins in pesetas that were in circulation before the entry of the euro will never be delivered to the Bank of Spain for exchange because they will remain in the hands of the Spanish as a piece of collecting, or due to deterioration, loss or departure from the country in the pockets of tourists.